Vernee Mix 2 Phone Without frames and 6 inches displays for $189.99

Vernee Mix 2 takes its name from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, but not just that. It is a bezel-less smartphone, so with a small frame on the bottom and then free on the remaining three sides. In the last hours there has been a particular ferment on this device, with the appearance of the first render that portray it both front and back. The release of this information therefore leads to an impending official announcement for the new “tri-bezel-less” .

Buy Vernee Mix 2 at for $189.99


According to unidentified information, the device should have a 6-inch Full HD + screen with aspect ratio of 18: 9. The design will be typical with double sandwich glass: two glass plates will be held in the middle by an intermediate frame, while the rear camera module will use two sensors and two lenses to ensure advanced post-production effects. A solution we have seen on many models.

Using the particular aspect ratio for the display, Vernee Mix 2 can integrate a 6-inch display with the size of a 5.5-inch traditional smartphone. The front camera is placed along the lower frame, while the fingerprint sensor is necessarily positioned in the center of the back pocket. The visual effect is certainly impressive, although you will need to see how much they render to the actual smartphone once announced.

The rear finishing is mirror-treated, and will be able to reflect the surrounding environment thanks also to the use of glass as a material. At the moment we do not know about the technical specifications of the two cameras, but it is clear that with the double module Vernee it is possible to give the final customer a chance to indulge in post-production effects that are otherwise impossible with a single-mode camera. All at a very interesting price.

Vernee Mix 2 is already promoted on the official website with a launch campaign that places it at a promotional price of only $189.99.

Buy Vernee Mix 2 at for $189.99



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