Cubot Magic presales with curved on all eight sides and only 89.99$

Cubot Magic, which curved on all eight sides has now began pre-sale, it offers the best price of 89.99 dollars with premium design on GearBest. Now, let’s take a look at some details of this phone:

The biggest bright spot of Cubot Magic is the screen and the back panel are curved on all eight side. It looks like crystal pebbles in darkness of off- screen state . Because this phone is defined as a low-end smart phone, it uses MTK 6737 processor, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, 128GB expansive storage. With no pre-installed advertising APP, it ‘s running smooth with original android 7.0 system.

There is also a high light, Cubot Magic has rear dual camera combo (13MP +2MP), at the same time, it‘s equipped with dual flash, there is a big improvement in shooting.

Overall, the pretty design is the biggest advantage of this phone, and the price is very reasonable, the original price is around 110 dollars, and now only of 89.99 US dollars.

Buy Cubot Magic Form GearBest


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