ZOJI Z8 a new HOMTOM’s rugged smartphone

A device capable of not bothering to be “stressed” under both water and construction sites or in dust. We are talking about the new HOMTOM ZOJI Z8 that possesses not only rugged specifications but also a pleasing look for those who do not want to compromise.

You can buy ZOJI Z8 at Gearbest.com for $189.99

Needless to turn around but this 2017 at least for Chinese producers is the year of “rugged” smartphones, ie those terminals capable of weathering weather but also water and dust. This is where HOMTOM also comes to the fore among the manufacturers, which in this case introduces the new ZOJI Z8 a robust smartphone ready to dictate law in this field after the release of two Zoji Z6 and Z7 models that in the second quarter of this year are without doubt interested users. The new Z8 model is the result of sophisticated craftsmanship and a challenging process that has enabled an innovative design inspired by the black knight “Darth Vader” in the Star Wars movie.

We all know the bad Darth Vader of Star Wars, so the new Zoji Z8 wants somehow to resume the black armor, the helmet, but also the cloak that runs along the back of the bad guy and the saber of light that has always fascinated the world of enthusiasts of the saga. At design level in HOMTOM they tried to make the Zoji Z8 unique with minimal but elegant edges. Every single button is designed to make the smartphone absolutely comfortable to use but giving it something original to see it. Here, the presence of an aluminum frame to form a real vein on the body of the phone makes the new Z8 a surely interesting device, even in aesthetic terms.

Different color choices from the company for the device that will range from classic to green to green, not to miss a never-to-orange orange color that may be interesting to those who like to emphasize their smartphone. At the resistance level it is inevitable to see how each frame board is covered with glossy metal inserts to be seen but also durable to use. The side buttons are made with alloy through a CNC production process and speculative oxidation technology.

The rear back cover and side frame are all designed with a precise design process. The Zoji Z8 is a rugged smartphone and therefore has the IP68 certification that will allow it to be used in water as well as in dust without any concern that it can be ruined. Also important for scratches with the presence of a Gorilla Glass 4 that will hardly be scratched.

What are the technical specifications of the smartphone? The new Zoji Z8 has a MediaTek MT6750 Octa-Core processor with Cortex-A53 and clocks up to 1.5GHz, a Mali T860 MP2 graphics card and then 4GB of RAM and an internal storage of 64GB that can be expanded with the insertion of a MicroSD up to 128GB. At the display level it has a 5-inch HD resolution panel and a battery of 4,250 mAh which can guarantee a whole day even allowing you to recharge other smartphones.

At a media level, a main camera is 16 megapixels, while the front camera is 8 MP. There are several shooting modes but also the now-famous “beauty” mode to improve the aspects of selfie. Do not underestimate other shooting modes such as panorama, HDR, and Auto-focus.

You can buy ZOJI Z8 at Gearbest.com for $189.99

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