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Ulefone Power Max with 13,000 mAh battery is coming

New arrivals are coming on a new smartphone coming from Ulefone capable of breaking new records regarding autonomy. It will be called Ulefone Power Max and will have 13,000 mAh. How many days will it stay awake?

Ulefone is the Chinese company famous for the development of smartphones from the interesting technical sector but at a price that is certainly competitive. Many of the products that the company has “fired” over the past few months and who have traveled around the globe thanks to their unceasing commitment to meeting the standards that other most prestigious companies now get on their daily basis with their devices. While on the one hand the company has made phones with a potential top-of-the-range hardware, the same has also sought to get the most out of autonomy as users are always looking for a phone that can not leave them during the day.

We have seen the commercialization of the Power series that Ulefone has presented some time ago and is characterized by its impressive battery in terms of amperage. Ulefone Power 2 is the example with 6,050 mAh capable of shutting down every type of charger and prolonging autonomy for hours and hours, accommodating users who do not have to worry about saving on their own energy level.

It is not surprising, however, that the latest rumors speak of the will of the Chinese company to realize not one but two new versions of the Power series. We’re talking about a new Power 3 that will keep the same battery capacity, so a 6.050 mAh, but thanks to a hardware renewal, it will be able to overcome the records made by the current second generation Power. Not only because the most striking news is the arrival of a Ulefone Power Max capable of owning a 13,000 mAh battery. Yes, you understand well. It will be the first smartphone in the world with such a huge battery and we already imagine what the autonomy of such a terminal might be. It is not clear that we are waiting for the developments of these two devices that, according to the rumors, should arrive by the end of this year.

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