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Cubot Magic, Cubot X18, Cubot Note Plus, which one you would choose?

Recently, Cubot had hot sales of Cubot Magic and Cubot X18, they happened to be out of stock once. Recently, according to the Cubot official expressed the long-awaited camera phone Cubot Note Plus with front and rear camera of 16 MP will come soon. What’s the differences between these three phones? The following brought about these phones the parameters of the comparison, so that everyone on the phone’s selling point to have a comprehensive understanding, to help you better make a choice.

Cubot Magic Cubot X18 Cubot Note Plus
3G/4G 4G 4G 4G
SYSTEM Android 7.0 Android 7.0 Android 7.0
CPU MT6737 MT6737T MT6737T
SIZE 5.0″HD 5.7″HD(18:9) 5.2″FHD
MEMORY 3+16GB 3+32GB 3+32GB
BATTERY 2600 mAh 3200 mAh 2800mAh
CAMERA front 5.0MP+rear dual 13+2MP front 13MP+rear 16MP front 16MP+rear 16MP
Dimensions 145*71*9.3mm 159.6*74*8.5mm 148*72.8*8.5mm
Fingerprint No Yes Yes
Color Gold black/Gray black Dark blue/Gold Gold/Black/Starry blue
Reference price 102.46$ 119.99$ 105.99$
Other highlights Eight side curved display,rear dual camera Sreen ratio around 83%,Split screen mode Both 16MP,F2.2 Aperture

From the above table, we see the system and the CPU are the same, Android 7.0 original system, and MT6737 Quad-core processor.

The biggest selling point of Cubot Magic is the design, eight sides curved 3D display, streamlined and ergonomic shape, it’s particularly suitable for single hand grip.

CUBOT Magic 4G Smartphone Android 7.0 5.0 inch

You can buy Cubot Magic at Gearbest.com for $102.46

Cubot X18 is the first device with 18:9 screen of Cubot , this unique design ensures large screen and the ultra-thin body. the high screen proportion is up to 83%, it has big advantage in watching videos and playing videos. the built-in virtual buttons will save space, and more flexible, this phone is going well in user experience.

Cubot X18 4G Smartphone Android 7.0 5.7 inch

You can buy Cubot X18 at Gearbest.com for $119.99

The latest phone Cubot Note Plus is a camera phone. The front and rear camera are both 16MP, the front shooter will achieve face recognition function and quick focus of the subject. even in low light environment, the picture is not bad. The rear 16MP SONY Exmor RS CMOS High-Definition camera with F/2. 2 large aperture will have blur the background, the main objects are prominent ,so that cluttered photographic images wound be avoided. Moreover, the display is FHD ,1080*1920 pixel.

Cubot Note Plus 4G Smartphone 5.2 inch Android 7.0

You can buy Cubot Note Plus at Gearbest.com for $102.46

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