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No.1 D5 Pro Smartwatch Brings the hardware upgrades

DT No.1 continues to work unstoppably to achieve the perfect smartwatch, so it does not stop to innovate in its new models or improving what already has in its catalog, this time, presents the improved version of the D5, which is the smartwatch DT No.1 D5 Pro.


Aesthetically we can see that it has not changed in excess, keeping the round sphere as it has the D5, with a single button that is on one side.

The screen has a size of 1.3 inches and the resolution of it is 360 × 360, enough to see everything clearly. I leave you the video that you have done comparing it with the D5+ that is its predecessor. They have not revealed the processor it mounts, it is sure to be mediatek and sure to make the operation of the same is improved compared to previous models, and you just have to see that in Antutu, the score improves a little and the capacity of the memory is much greater.


What has already confirmed is that this new smartwatch No.1 has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, thus will de-limit the applications to install, having plenty of space for all the applications that we usually use, including of messaging.


Being a smart watch and its size always try not to be excessive, there is not much space for the battery, but you get to put inside a 450mha, which is sure to get a day of autonomy, that for a clock of this type is enough or at least we consider it, we would like it to last as long as some smartphone …


Although the 4G LTE has not yet arrived to these devices, the truth is that to see them working with 3G WCDMA is something incredible, to have the power of a smartphone in your wrist mola, you can use whatsapp, twitter, surf the internet and everything that is you happen to use normally with a smartphone.

The clock works with android 5.1, but customized for smartwatch, easy to handle. Best of all, they will soon start pre-selling because they announce it as a good gift for Christmas.

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