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CHUWI Hi9 Tablet PC with 8.4 inch display is coming

In terms of tablets from the Chinese region, few manufacturers are as present as CHUWI. Like the Hi10 Plus, however, most are dual-OS tablets, so they are equipped with two operating systems. The CHUWI Hi9 on the other hand comes only with preinstalled Android 7.0 on the market.

CHUWI Hi 9 Display


With a screen diagonal of 8.4 inches, the CHUWI Hi9 is slightly larger than its predecessor Hi8.  For the design, CHUWI will certainly not win prizes in terms of innovation, but that does not seem to be the goal either. The 16:10 display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels is surrounded by a black housing. The back is also black and in the middle is an etched CHUWI logo. The photos from the IFA give the impression that the USB port is on the top of the tablet. Usually this is on the bottom. Perhaps it is only an intermediate solution for this prototype.


How the tablet can meet the everyday requirements of a user, decides above all the combination of processor and memory. With the CPU used, however, there are still misunderstandings. According to the data sheet, CHUWI installed the MediaTek MTK8176 processor, which also works in the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3, for example . This processor is a hexa core consisting of a Cortex-A72 cluster with a 2.1 GHz clock frequency and a Cortex-A53 cluster with a 1.4 GHz clock frequency. However, CHUWI states that inside “only” a quad-core CPU is working. How and when this confusion dissolves remains to be seen.

It is clear, however, that the processor 4 GB as a working memory stand as a side. The main memory is 64 GB, which can be extended by 128 GB via microSD card. On this is installed from factory Android 7.0 and not, as with the larger brothers among the CHUWI tablets, Android and Windows. As a graphics unit, CHUWI relies on the PowerVR GX6250 GPU , which is already somewhat more mature. There were also two cameras installed, a front and a main camera. Details regarding sensor and resolution, however, the manufacturer still guilty.

CHUWI Hi 9 Back
The Micro USB port appears to be at the top.

Since the concrete data so far only refer to the presentation of the device at the IFA, certain details remain unfortunate. Whether a mobile Internet connection through a SIM slot is possible, is still unclear. However, the 2.4/5 GHz dual-band WiFi allows you to enjoy fast internet in your own home. One of the pictures also seems to be that CHUWI does not yet rely on a USB type C connector on the Hi9, but remains true to the micro USB standard.


Even if the initial euphoria on the tablet market is a bit fleeting, I’m looking forward to the CHUWI Hi9. The price of the market launch will be interesting. The screen size has to be measured with the Lenovo P8, but also the already mentioned Xiaomi Mi Pad 3. With that it is hardware-technical on one level, but CHUWI still has the possibility to install a larger battery and the Stock Android may please some users perhaps better than Xiaomi’s own operating system.

I think, however, that a 8.4 “display for a tablet is already bordering, considering that more and more 6” smartphones come on the market. how do you see it? Need / do you have a tablet and what do you think of CHUWI’s new tablet?

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