Filtered two new features of Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 submission date is coming up. Next October 4 we will finally know the new smartphones from Google that have been generating news for weeks. In the last weeks we have been able to know multiple details about the devices. One of the most important is that we already know their prices . And for many experts, the expectations before its launch are becoming smaller.

Although it should be noted that the smartphone has some very interesting news. But in a few days we will be able to leave doubts. And check if the Google Pixel 2 is or is not up to it. Now, just over a week of its presentation have revealed two new developments on the phone . What news is it? We tell you everything below.

Google Pixel 2 blue back

New features for Google Pixel 2

Google has not wanted to take many risks in the design of the device. Since the new Pixel 2 will be identical to the first one. Something that has certainly disappointed many users. And that has also caused less interest before its imminent launch. Luckily, it seems that the company has wanted to compensate for the lack of changes in the design of the device with new and interesting features.

This weekend have revealed two new features that the Google Pixel 2 will bring. The first one is that although it will have a single rear camera , the phone will bokeh . To many you will sound already, but it is an effect that makes the background is somewhat blurry so that the object or person that we focus highlight more. This is an effect that until now was reserved for mobile phones with dual camera . But in the case of Google Pixel 2 the effect will be possible thanks to the software of the device.

The second feature of the device is possibly the most surprising. As mentioned, Pixel 2 has a function that makes you listen to background music all the time. While this function is activated and background music is heard, the user will see the artist name and song title on the screen.

Undoubtedly two news that can be very interesting and give a lot of play on the Google phone. We expect the company to confirm its presence in the device soon. What do you think?

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