JJRC H20H Mini-Hexacopter for big discount

Drones and their “mini” versions have lost none of its appeal, especially now that she thanks facilitated operation can be flown by beginners with no problems. The JJRC H20H fits into the series of mini-quadrocopters, which are now equipped with an Altitude Hold function. Since he is additionally comparatively cheap, we want to see it.

JJRC H20H Mini Hexacopter drone

Model JJRC H20H
Dimensions 105 x 100 x 27mm
Weight 21g
Battery pack 150mAh / 5-6 minutes
Features Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, 360° Roll
Remote control 2.4GHz/4-channel/20-30m range

Real progress: The “Altitude Hold” function

When I had flown my first mini-quadrocopter, I could not think of automatic height control. What I described as the most difficult element of control at that time was the constant manual holding of the airports, while the drone had to be steered and turned at the same time. Meanwhile, however, this is a thing of the past. More and more Multicopter have a built-in automatic, which keeps the height more or less exactly.

The JJRC H20H is an upgrade to the H20, and now has this automatic. This makes especially beginners the first flight much easier. In the case of windstill, a sufficiently precisely calibrated drone will float at a point in the air as long as no commands are given via the remote control. Once you get used to the control, you can via the shoulder buttons increase airspeed or at rollovers venture.

Due to its size, the JJRC H20H can be flown mainly inside. The risk of injury is low and the mini drones do not suffer any damage due to their low weight. Even in the open, the Hexacopter can fly naturally, but is difficult to control as soon as stronger winds occur. In the case of windstill, however, a flight in the garden is no problem.

Without flying the H20H myself, I expect a fun little hexacopter, which will only be another piece in the already existing collection, but should be ideal for beginners. With less than 20 € it is a cheap purchase and is also under the tax exemption.


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