Xiaomi prepares a Redmi with the screen that is fashionable

The 18: 9 screen ratio has become commonplace throughout this year. The main high-end phones like the Galaxy S8 or LG G6 have this ratio. A ratio that has had problems of adaptation with many applications. That luckily have been solved with the advent of applications adapted to this ratio. And little by little they are also coming to Chinese smartphones.

Xiaomi has also joined this fashion with the Mi Mix 2. And now they plan to use it in new phones. The Chinese brand is preparing a new Redmi that will have the screen ratio of 18: 9. So we will continue to see this ratio in the coming months. What model of Xiaomi will we see with this ratio? There are many doubts about it so far.

New Redmi with 18: 9 ratio

This week we have details of two new phones that will belong to the Xiaomi Redmi line. This weekend the first specs of the Redmi Note 5 were leaked. But this has not been the only device on which we have been able to know the first characteristics. Today we have been able to learn more about the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Plus.

Xiaomi has not revealed anything about which of the models will be the one who will have this ratio of screen . There is much speculation about it. But, considering that several models will soon be presented on the Redmi line, one of these new smartphones should be the one that has the ratio. Which one of them? There is no consensus at the moment about that. The Chinese brand will soon present the Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi Note 5 Plus. So probably one of these two models will be the one with an 18: 9 screen ratio.

In the specifications of the two phones that have been filtered so far, the screen ratio has not been mentioned . So any of the new Xiaomi Redmi could be the chosen one. There are some voices who say that it could be that none of these models have the screen ratio. And that it is the Redmi Note 6 that will arrive next year. We hope Xiaomi will reveal more information soon. And so we can know as soon as possible which phone will have the ratio of screen 18: 9.

Source | Gizmo China


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