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Samsung Galaxy X could hit the market sooner than expected

Samsung Galaxy X Prototype

The flexible displays have been the talk of Samsung over the years and there has been no company to launch a functional product with this type of screen. However, we have long known that Samsung, LG and other manufacturers  are launching to launch a fully functional mobile with this new technology. Is it time for Samsung?

Samsung could be the first to get the first truly collapsible smartphone , as it has just been certified in South Korea. Is this news official? arrives through a web in which it is affirmed that the National Agency of Radio Investigation (NRRA) accompanied by the Commission of Communications of Korea (KCC) has just approved the device to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy X will be the first mobile with flexible functional display


The news has taken us by surprise and is possibly the device we were all waiting for and is called Samsung Galaxy X, which would be the model SM-G888N0, this last portion “N0” announces that it belongs to the Korean market and makes us doubt a bit. We remember that the SM-G888N0 certification classifies the device as “Radio equipment for LTE mobile communication” and here, all types of gadgets come into play, meaning that it can be any device and not a mobile.

To dispel some doubts, there have been cases where the devices have the same model number and is actually a Wi-Fi and not a smartphone itself. However, we will have to wait a bit for more information about this new certification by the Korean company, that is what we know so far of the possible launch of a terminal with flexible display Samsung.

Now we will give you our opinion, if this smartphone arrived in the near future it would completely overshadow the Apple iPhone X and could be accompanied by the Galaxy S9 copying a little Apple launch. In other words, it would  compete directly with the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 that have just hit the market and to tell you the truth, it would be exciting to have a completely premium folding phone. Do you think so too?

Source | Android Authority

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