Instagram announces that facial filters will be available for direct


Today Instagram announced that facial filters will be available for live videos based on augmented reality. That is, the filters that some time ago incorporated their stories and that most people use because they are fun, they will take over the live. Is it official ?, the same company just made it public in his blog dedicated to giving news about the application.

Facial filters that came to the stories will be used in the same way for live videos. That said, you will not get lost when using them, since it is practically the same. If you like the kitty filter or you’re obsessed with the rainbow in your face, you can use it while you make a live for your followers or friends.

How can I have the filters in my Instagram live?

Instagran has filters in its direct

To check that these filters actually work, you have to make a live video because otherwise, they will not appear to you. Of course, first you have to make sure that you have your Instagram updated and then when you start the live video, you will have to click on the button of the facial filters located at the bottom right of the screen and there, choose the one that you like.

Easy, right? Instagram always tries to innovate so that people use all their tools as in the case of being able to see the stories through its web page,  although that’s not all, today it was the face filters to take center stage in the live.

In addition, it comes with a new filter very interesting and it is a reflective sunglasses . What does this mean? every time you touch them, you can change what is reflected in them and thus, you will make jokes to your followers or simply you will die of laughter when you see their reactions. Although that’s not all, since Instagram also updated their stories and now can be shared by direct.

In case you go to the application and it does not appear to you, keep in mind that Instagram will be developing in the coming weeks and some users may have to wait to try it, while others, already have this new tool and without any doubt start tasting it with your followers or friends. What do you expect to check if your mobile is?

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