Goodbye to payment channels on YouTube

YouTube has been making important changes for some time. At the beginning of August the chat was presented in the application. And now the world’s most popular video website announces new changes. As part of the restructuring of its model. What change is it? YouTube has decided to close the payment channels.

Payment channels were introduced in 2013. In them, users must pay an amount to see the content in them. An attempt by the web to compete with services like Netflix. But, it seems that this bet has not gone well and the payment channels will soon be closing.

The end of payment channels

This does not affect channels that are hosted on YouTube Network. While, for now it seems that the strategy to follow now with Red does not seem to be too clear. So it will be interesting to see what new ideas come now the website owned by Google. Especially because in the last months they have already had controversies with the Youtubers after changing the models of monetization of the videos.

On December 1, the closing of these channels will be effective. On that day these videos will become private videos. And therefore they will no longer be accessible. Although YouTube has confirmed that the creators of these videos have the option to make them accessible to all users if they wish. Although, they will not be able to earn money with the publication of these contents.

YouTube is not monetizing anything well

YouTube is currently looking for new ways to monetize content. It seems like one of these new ways is found in music fans. The idea is that fans subscribe to a specific channel and they are the ones who sponsor it. And upload content dedicated to your favorite singer, paying five euros a month. You can get custom emojis for each fan group.

It is not known if this measure will succeed and will serve the web for income. No doubt he is now in a somewhat complicated position. So it will be very interesting to see with what idea they come. And also see the reactions that the owners of these payment channels offer to this decision. What do you think the closing of payment channels?

Source | YouTube Creator Blog

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