Bq copies to Motorola and will update the Aquaris X5 Plus

Bq Aquaris X5 Plus Oreo

We still do not understand, why did you copy Motorola? This is what we ask every time we see news of this type. A couple of days ago Motorola confirmed that the Moto G4 Plus was not among the phones that would update Android Oreo, despite promising.

Days later, due to pressure from the media and users, Motorola did confirm that it would update the Moto G4 Plus to Android Oreo although it had no dates for it. Now, Bq, has done more or less the same with the Bq Aquaris X5 Plus.

Bq Aquaris updated Oreo

Bq will update the Aquaris X5 Plus to Android Oreo

This week the Spanish firm Bq confirmed the phones that would receive the update to Android Oreo 8.0, despite not having dates for the update in any of its models, new Bq Aquaris V and Bq Aquaris U2.

Android updates are not only necessary for the new features but also for the monthly security patches that many brands are applying, luckily.

What we do not understand is how many brands that go around presuming their native Android and its good relationship with Google dare to remove from the list of updates a terminal that cost more than 200 euros at launch and has less of 2 years in the market.

Is it a strategy for them to talk about you?

We can understand that Lenovo has equipment and enough presence in the world so that the pressure of the users compromises the development team and forces him to update a mobile but … you too Bq? Did not the Aquaris X5 Plus really fit into your upgrade plans? We do not believe it.

We know that there have been many users who have shown their dissatisfaction both in company forums and social networks when they saw that the mobile was not among their plans to update but, although it was a strategy to talk about you, many people are will remain with that of ” I do not want to know anything more than Bq, I have failed “. It is possible that many now also see that you have rectified but the best thing is that it would not have been necessary for people to complain.

The only positive thing is that all users who have the Aquaris X5 Plus will see how this will get to receive Android Oreo at some point and that is something else, how long will it take to update?


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