Crosscall Shark-X3: the phone floating when it falls into the water

Crosscall is a French brand specializing in rugged phones that can withstand the lives of the ugliest sportsmen and the most rude and rude workers.
The top-of-the-range transalpine manufacturer is Trekker-X3, a super-smart smartphone, but its catalog also offers simpler, cheaper solutions, but in any case provide interesting features for outdoor enthusiasts.

Crosscall Shark-X3

Today’s novelty is the new Crosscall Shark-X3, a small alphanumeric keyboard phone that makes it the capability to float its strength. Several smartphones and phones point to being waterproof, but drop when the water is deep or are irreversible or go well beyond the bearable pressure load and are afflicted by infiltration.
Shark-X3, thanks to a special air cap between the glass and the display, is floating and if it should fall offboard by a motorboat or a sailboat, it would simply return to the surface ready to be recovered. To find it easily, CROSSCALL has developed the KEEP ALIVE technology : when the Shark drops its diving sensors into the water and the SHARK starts blinking and then emits light and sound signals. To increase user safety, this technology also has an SOS function that sends a pre-recorded alarm SMS to pre-selected contacts, in case the owner also has fallen into the water with the phone. For this, the phone can also emita whistle of 100 pcs of power, to facilitate the search. With regard to water resistance, it offers IP68 certification and allows an hour to depth of 2 meters deep.

Crosscall Shark-X3 - Water

The standard equipment is complemented by a powerful LED flashlight and a red LED for reading maps and the like at night without losing sight of the darkness. The battery allows you to get 11 hours of call time and standby 10 days, and the 5 megapixel camera lets you record photos and videos. The recommended retail price is €109.99.


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