Apple already works on a replacement for Face ID

Undoubtedly, the star feature of the new iPhone X is Face ID. Apple’s new facial recognition system continues to generate headlines. In your day and explained how this system works. It is a system that serves to unlock the mobile, among many other functions. And in which the Californian company has used many resources.

But, doubts have also arisen about its safety and accuracy. Because, both users and experts have doubts about it. Especially because in the case of the iPhone X, Apple has preferred Face ID as a security system against the fingerprint sensor. But, it seems that the company already works on the return of the readers of footprints in the new iPhone.

The 2018 iPhone with fingerprint sensor

Apple wants to continue betting on Face ID. At least, the idea is that some of the new models of iPhone that are launched in 2018 have the facial recognition system. But the idea is to introduce another way through which the user can identify. And this way is with the fingerprint sensor. It seems that Apple has decided to re-bet on them in their new models for 2018.

The plan of the company is that all the iPhone that are launched in 2018 count with Touch ID (fingerprint reader), regardless of whether or not they have Face ID. Although there are still doubts about this. Mainly because the fingerprint sensor would be installed under the device screen. And it seems that Apple has technical problems , or anticipates that there may be. Although it seems that the solution to this problem would be to replace the home button by the said fingerprint sensor. But, according to several sources, this sensor is still one of the main problems of the Californian company.

Mainly because the introduction of an additional 3D layer makes the screen thicker . This results in a reduction in the accuracy of the scans that the sensor under the screen performs. Therefore, the company faces a major dilemma. We will see if they finally continue betting on Face ID or if they manage to find a way to incorporate the fingerprint sensor. What do you think?


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