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LG supports the integration of young people with disabilities in the sector

In recent weeks, LG has been on the news for its future releases. The Korean company is preparing for the imminent launch of its new high-end, LG V30. Device of which yesterday we were able to know the launch price . But the company also takes part in other projects. Some of them, such as the one we present below, that seek to generate a positive impact on society.

LG has announced that it is sponsoring an event called “Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities”. An event in which young people with different disabilities show their talent for technology. In this way, the Korean company seeks to break down barriers and that these young people are welcome in the industry.

LG favors the integration of the disabled in the industry

The event takes place these days in Hanoi, Vietnam. In it, young people with disabilities from 16 Asian countries take part. Various tests related to technology and computer science are organized. With the aim that these young people can have access not only to the technology, but also to a career within this sector. All participants will be judged for their ability to think creatively.

They will also positively value their ability to solve problems with modern tools. The winners of this competition will receive money to pay for their studies and training . So that they can develop a career in this sector without their handicap slowing them down. Experts from LG , professors from the University of Seoul and other specialists in the sector will be on the jury. This event aims to give visibility to the problems faced by millions of young people with disabilities in Asia.

In this way, although the problems will not disappear overnight, a greater visibility can be given to them . In addition to helping them achieve a gap in this highly competitive sector . LG’s participation does not mean that they will get a job at the Korean company. But it is good to see that companies take initiative in the fight against any type of discrimination or existing barriers.

Source | Android Authority

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