SJCAM SJ7 4K STAR WiFi Action Camera for $156.99

With the SJCAM SJ7 brings their first full-fledged 4K Action Camera on the market. This is in direct competition with the very popular Yi 4K.

Attention, the following sentence contains cryptic product names and could confuse the neutral reader: In addition to the first appearance of the SJ6, which after the M20 is only a further upgrade of the SJ5000 , we have with the SJ7 a supposedly genuine alternative to the YI 4K. All right? No? No reason to panic, you do not have to know all the models, it is enough to know that we finally get a 4K camera at an acceptable price.

Video Resolution 4K @30fps ; 2K @30fps; 1080p @120/60fps ; 720p @ 200/120fps
Photo Resolution 12MP
Acceptance angle 166 °
Chipset Ambarella A12S75
Sensor CMOS 12.40 MP (Sony IMX117)
Display 2 inch LCD touch screen
Battery pack 1000mAh
Dimensions 60 x 41 x 24.7mm
Weight 74g
Other features Gyro sensor, microSD cards up to 64GB, WIFI

The camera was missed both its own design and an improved chipset; the  Ambarella A12S75 now allows native 4K with 30 images per second, which the SJ6 is still missing. The front display, which is added for the SJ6, can not be found here, but the power and menu buttons move back to the front. The frame of the camera is for the first time made of aluminum instead of plastic.

The trigger is in the usual position (when the first manufacturer the “innovative” step goes, the button to remove?), In addition there is however also a touch-screen to make settings: We will be at Action Cams now probably more frequently. Our test of the YI 4K convinced us, however, how practical and pleasant the operation can be, which is why we are grateful to this development.

4K-Actioncam SJCAM SJ7 Touchscreen

Due to the newly adapted dimensions and other position of the buttons, a new housing is again required, but the camera is supplied with the necessary accessories as usual by SJCAM. If you buy several models from the manufacturer over the years, you will end up with too little brackets, screw caps and USB cables. Speaking of accessories: As with the M20, there will be a remote control; whether it is the same, is not yet clear.

4K-Actioncam SJCAM SJ7 Model view
From all sides a simple but chic design.

The camera makes a promising impression, and the 30 € cheaper price compared to the YI 4K (with more accessories) makes it an interesting option.


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