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Huawei Pay prepares to land in Europe and the United States

Huawei Pay Europe America

Huawei also wants to have its own mobile payment service and seems to be very serious. On September 13 China Huawei registered its new payment service in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and this new service will be called Huawei Pay.

Seeing that the service was registered in America is likely to be approved sometime in 2018. The best of all is that Huawei had already submitted a few months before its Huawei Pay brand also in the Office of Intellectual Property of the European Union ( EUIPO) and they may take some time to approve this new proposal.

Huawei Mate 10

Huawei Pay, already operational in China

Huawei Pay was launched in China in early 2016 but the brand’s latest moves suggest that the company wants to see its expanded service worldwide.

Of course, currently Huawei has registered its mark in both North America and Europe but has not made any announcement of expansion of its payment platform to different milestones. That is, at the moment we know that Huawei is actively working to bring its payment platform to other regions but we have no information about the company’s relations with the different banks and financial institutions in Europe and the United States.

Huawei Pay only works with a small number of banks in China

Moreover, in their country of origin Huawei Pay only it works with a small number of banks and not all expanded should the region. Pay Huawei uses standard NFC for payments and patent discloses three functions:

  • Shipment and receipt of payments.
  • Authentication software.
  • Magnetic encoded cards.

If we take a look at the operations of Huawei we see that the new Mate 10 will be presented on October 16 and as it is possible that the organisms take about 3 months to approve this patent the Huawei Mate 10 could also leave in early 2018 with the new integrated service, something that can also be done a posteriori with a software update . It is possible that in the presentation event we will know more about this new service and if it will finally arrive or not in early 2018, we will be attentive.

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