The 5 new Google Pixel 2 that everyone wants to have

Google Pixel 2

The Google Pixel 2 is one of the most anticipated phones of the moment. We have already talked about everything we have been getting to know about the device; a few days ago we told you that the Google Pixel 2 will debut with Snapdragon 835 and Always On Display. Google will present the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL next October 4.

The Pixel 2 are two phones that are expected to have a more careful design, that are more powerful and that include new functions with respect to their predecessors. Below we have compiled some of the new features that will come with the Google Pixel 2. And yes, one will be manufactured by HTC and the other by LG.

4 colors of Google Pixel 2

Customize the Google bar

In Pixel 2, users can customize the color, background and shape of the Google bar through the official app of the company and it is possible that this novelty also later arrive to other Android than the Pixel as the Android One and the company’s mobile operating under the Nexus program.


Another of the novelties that we will see in Pixel 2. Its main objective is none other than to facilitate the daily life of the users. As the application itself points out, users simply have to say a command and the wizard can do a lot of things.

The idea is that users can say several actions in a single sentence so that the different actions are activated at the same time. It’s like having an integrated bot within our Android mobile.

Changes to the voice assistant

One of the most surprising novelties that will come with the new flagship of Google is that users can choose the type of voice of the virtual assistant. Also, they can select if they want another keyword instead of the ” OK, Google ” that is by default and that is really great since that phrase is very seen.


With Google Pixel 2 users will have the option to continue playing the last podcast easily since it seems that this way of propagating information does not want to lose presence ever.

Active Edge

It is confirmed that the new flagship of Google will arrive with this function, which allows to perform a wide range of functions by pressing different points on the edges of the terminal.

In this way, users can run the Google Assistant simply by pressing a certain point on one of the sides, among other functions. This feature will arrive on the Pixel 2 that is made by HTC, inherited directly from the HTC U11.

Goodbye to insomnia!

The Pixel 2 will have several relaxing sounds that will help users to sleep: Nature, Meditation and Ocean. Another news that has leaked through the web and we do not know how useful it will be but Google Play is full of applications that help us sleep.

What do you think all the news that will come with the Google Pixel 2?


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