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  • TOKQI K3 2-in-1 Plant Styled Bluetooth Speaker for $15.34

TOKQI K3 2-in-1 Plant Styled Bluetooth Speaker for $15.34

How does a flower head land on our side? Exactly, he has Bluetooth (but no volume 20)! Actually, this gadget is a Bluetooth speaker, paired with a LED bar and a touch sensor, the whole then becomes an interesting gadget. What exactly the TOKQI K3 Plant Styled Bluetooth speakers can do everything we have tested for you.

Technical details of the TOKQI K3

Speaker 5W
Battery pack 1200mAh
Charging time approx. 4 hours
Running time approx. 12 hours
Dimensions 11.4 x 11.4 x 11.7 cm
Weight 400 grams
Extras Touch function, LED light, Bluetooth
Delivery Blow Head, MicroUSB Charging Cable, User Manual (Chinese / English)

From a flower head which is additionally a Bluetooth speaker is, one must not expect the best loudspeaker quality here. With its 5W the loudspeaker nevertheless surprised with a good sound, if one is connected with Bluetooth and own music plays. The piano sounds, on the other hand, are quite shrill. The fun factor by touching the music, but makes up for it. Not just for children a funny pastime, with us wanted to prove his “musical ability” every time, see video at the bottom(not possible with Bluetooth). Especially with a running time of up to 12 hours, one can have ample fun with the pot. This is made possible by the 1200mAh battery, which can be loaded within four hours.

The TOKQI K3 comes in the measure 11,4 x 11,4 x 11,7 cm and weighs 400g (with plant, of course, more). Because of its small size it is easy to handle, but needs a small plant accordingly. In the enclosed operating instructions the manufacturer even gives a few suggestions for it. The most suitable are non-toxic green plants. In the first run we tried it with chives, but this proved to be too long and above all too unstable. Better has been a succulent from the Swedish furniture house.

Overall, the flower head looks more up-to-date than originally thought (but is mainly due to the piggy pink of our test specimen). The plastic housing is well processed, there are no flaws to be determined. The most important thing for me was, above all, the firm position of the flower head, which is given with the three gums. These have even an extra foil attached in the shipping and are properly attached.

At the thickest part of the flower head, a LED strip is once round-mounted. This does not light up very bright now, but for a night light or relaxed lighting by the way just right. On the one hand the product name is located above the LED strip and on the back under the strip there is a button strip. From left to right there are: a flap behind which is a MicroUSB port to the store, next to the power/mode button and right of the play/light button, The device is switched on by the power button. When pressed again, the Bluetooth mode starts (it must be pressed a little longer). If you are not in the Bluetooth mode, you can select the different melodies with the right button and, if pressed for a longer time, set the light mode so that the light is switched on when the plant / pot is touched. For the connection with Bluetooth as well as for switching off, a lovely woman voices, which confirms the process.

Unfortunately, the loudspeaker, which is installed on the bottom of the flower head, is problematic in terms of design technology right next to the drain hole from which excess water of the flower runs. In practice, however, there has been no real disadvantage, except the somewhat dull tone. In addition, one should keep the pot while pouring over a sink, or something down, because the water dripping down relatively quickly. So always pour carefully and sparingly.

In addition, the lamp and the speaker are connected to a further feature: in the inside of the flower head is a touch sensor. The vibrations when touching the plant are thus recorded and applied to the piano song. The touch sensor, however, is so sensitive that touches of the pot itself play the sounds of the music.


The TOKQI K3 Blumentopf Bluetooth loudspeaker is much better than expected. The sound about the plant and the touch sensor sounds a bit cruel, but is always meant only for the time passing between. The connection via Bluetooth works without problems and also the sound is surprisingly good for a flower head. As already mentioned, the LED strip does not light up brilliantly, but it is not intended as a reading lamp either. Overall, I'd recommend this gadget especially for (play) children, who likes to fall asleep listening to music or audiobooks, this gets a subtle light underneath. In simple light mode, it can also be used as a simple night light that illuminates when touched. So overall some functions, for such a small part.

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