Cheerson CX-10SE: Mini-Quadrocopter for beginners only $10.99 at GearBest

The CX-10, CX-10D, CX-10W, CX-10W, and CX-10WD are the only ones to be able to lose the overview of these entire Cheerson CX-10 drones. The Cheerson CX-10SE is most similar to the CX-10A and is a mini-drone for beginners with a suitable protective frame for the small purse. Unfortunately, we could not test them, so it is best to get the impression of other CX-10 models.

Cheerson CX-10SE Mini Quadrocopter on one hand

In contrast to many other CX-10 models, the Special Edition (the SE) has no camera. It comes with all other basic features. For example the 6-axis gyroscope stabilizer, which allows a safe and accurate flight position. Also the special edition is a 4-Channel Quadrocopter. This allows you to get it up and down, fly straight and backwards, and fly sideways to the right and left. Even 360 ° maneuvers stand in the way. In contrast to the CX-10A, the SE has only the speed modes “Slow” and “Fast” and therefore does not use the middle speed mode.

The most obvious difference between the CX-10SE and the other models is the integrated frame that protects the rotor blades. In contact with a wall, they are not destroyed. Especially for beginners this feature is quite useful, so that the Mini-Quadrocopter can also be used well in rooms. Thanks to the integrated LED lights, you can also fly at night.

The enclosed controller communicates with the Quadrocopter via the 2.4 Ghz radio link. However, you can fly with the built-in 1 00 mAh LiPo battery only about 5 minutes at a time, for which the mini-drone 20-30 minutes must be charged. With 12 g and 42 x 42 x 19 mm it is a flyweight and fits loosely on the palm of the hand. You can order them in black, white, purple and red, but the offer price is valid only for the red color.

If you want to introduce friends/relatives slowly into the drones/quadrocopter world, this Mini Quadrocopter is well advised. Due to the integrated frame it is relatively well protected against crashes and thus ideal for beginners. If you want to try a different kind of control, the Techboy TB-802 Quadrocopter is interesting. If something larger with a better camera, then the Hubsan H507A would be an option. Anyone who is already a drone expert is most likely to use the DJI Spark or the Xiaomi Mi 4K.

You can buy Cheerson CX-10SE: Mini-Quadrocopter for beginners only $10.99 at GearBest


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