Meizu M6: filtered features

Meizu M6

If you like the Meizu smartphone brand, you’ll love the filtered features and specifications of the new Meizu M6. We are facing the new device of the firm that certainly promises and aims high. If you also want to know it, do not miss this article because we show it based on everything that has been filtered:

Meizu M6

Meizu M6 features

What do we know about the new Meizu M6 ? What do we expect? From what has been leaked, everything indicates that we would have a 5.2-inch screen device and HD resolution. We do not have FullHD, which is not good news, but if we look at the good side we will have a longer battery life. In addition, it is a medium screen size for those looking for a compact terminal to carry in the pocket.

Otherwise we have in power a  MediaTek MT6750 with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. They are mid-range features, but it is possible that if you are an average user you do not need much more, so it looks great.

As for the other features, it has not filtered much further than you will have the possibility to incorporate 2 SIM cards. As for the operative, we expect Android 7.0 Nougat with the Flype OS customization layer.

As we advance, we can not deny that this is a smartphone that has a mid-range mobile specifications. So it is not too bad filtered characteristics of this Meizu M6, since also, we expect a great price , data that for now we do not know.

The Meizu M6 presentation date has been confirmed for September 20

For now we know the characteristics by way of filtration, but as we say, it will be on  September 20 when the new Meizu M6 is introduced.

What we do not know at the moment is if the company will present something more, however, the filtered photo also does not reveal too much information far from this date and as we know that the Meizu M6 is falling, of course we will not go very misguided.

What do you expect from this new Meizu M6 for September 20? Do you like the brand?


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