JamesDonkey 007 DIY USB Gaming Mouse for $43.99 @Gearbest

The gamer with style does not, of course, with a dog-standard computer mouse, but would like to have the next LAN party not only several functions, but also an extravagant design in the hand. To do this, you can also assemble the mouse yourself, as the James Donkey 007 DIY USB gaming mouse.

In addition to the standard left and right mouse buttons as well as the scroll wheel, there is a “forward” and “back” button on the side for faster navigation. In addition, there is a key which can be used to change the DPI number. For this,  1000, 2000, 3600, 6000, 82000 DPI are possible. How and where the individual keys of the mouse are installed, everyone can decide by himself about 54 combination possibilities and thus assemble the mouse of his gamer heart.

The 91g lightweight USB mouse with the dimensions 34.0 x 23.0 x 5.5 cm comes with a cable length of 1.5 m therefore also can be adjusted to vibration and sound effects . In addition, the mouse can light up in 10 different LED colors ; the color can also be changed by pressing a button. For gamer, who would like to have an individual yet striking mouse on the computer, the James Dokey 007 USB mouse is worth considering.


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