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Those who follow the current of the Chinese import tablets will know that the Cube Mix Plus is one of the star devices of the moment. With a price of $318.99 (right at the time of writing), the team offers us a powerful Intel Core m3 processor, Wacom technology and a screen similar to Surface Pro 2. We propose a deep look at the tablet through a video review , to observe strengths and weaknesses.

The Cube i7 Book was probably the most impactful low-cost Chinese tablet of the past 2016. Still, Cube has ensured its continuity in leadership among Chinese tablets and already has in the market a very capable successor, Mix Plus , than in this case uses an Intel Core m3 from the Kaby Lake series . Here you have a video analysis of the TechTablets medium that will serve to analyze specific aspects of the equipment and verify their performance under normal conditions.

Cube Mix Plus: Good design, although with some deficiencies

Undoubtedly, one of the strengths of the Cube Mix Plus are its metallic finishes, which give great consistency to the product. Even the keyboard shines quite at the time of writing, with a stiff drive, although the trackpad is a bit small and does not allow the usual gestures in Windows 10 . From my point of view, this is not a big problem, but Chris G, creator of the video does seem to annoy him. In terms of ports we are going to be served, with almost everything you can ask for a laptop, including a USB-C.

Best performance to date with an Intel Core m3

The great asset of this Cube Mix Plus, according to our point of view, is its Intel Core m3 7Y30 processor . a chip from the Kaby Lake series that delivers performance not too far away to the Core i5 a couple of years ago. In fact, as discussed throughout the video, the power you get on this tablet is impressive not only in benchmarks , but also the direct use.

The counterpart is a thermal excess when tasks are performed a little demanding. When testing the back cover, the heat stays at just over 30 degrees, but with the internal tests that directly analyze the processor, we see a dangerous 94 degrees . These temperatures in the long run can deplete or make the performance of the equipment unstable, so it is a fat failure on the part of Cube.

Cube Mix Plus Review by Zi Reviews Tech


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