Xiaomi will launch a new fitness product

Xiaomi is a brand known worldwide for its smartphones. Telephones whose success is increasing in the market, as has been demonstrated with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. But the Chinese firm is also known for launching all kinds of gadgets and accessories to market. We have already talked about some examples such as the scooter, toothbrushes or recently a jacket with hood for the cold.

Now, Xiaomi has announced the launch of a new product that will soon arrive in India. It is a product for fitness, although the firm has not yet revealed what product it is. They have posted a video on Twitter of Xiaomi India to create excitement. You can see the video below.

New Xiaomi fitness accessory

The only thing the brand has revealed so far is this video and the text that is being repeated in their ads. That text is Hop. Run. Flex. In Spanish it would be to jump, run and flex (do push-ups). So we are talking about various physical activities. We assume that they are the activities that the user will be able to carry out while using this mysterious device of which we do not know anything yet.

For the moment the only thing confirmed is that this new Xiaomi product will be launched in India. But you do not know what kind of product it is. Many already speculate with various possibilities. From sneakers to other products like bracelets. But the reality is that nothing is known yet. So Xiaomi has managed to create a lot of excitement before this release. What they have announced is that it is a partnership with someone or another company. So many speculate that they could be a celebrity in the Asian country.

Xiaomi has said that soon we will know more about this new sports product. So we hope to have some confirmation on this very soon. And so we can leave doubts. Because the text “Hop. Run. Flex “does not tell us too much about the product in question. What do you think this new Xiaomi fitness product is? Sports shoes, clothes or any bracelet or watch? It is possible that this new launch in India is something we have seen before or something completely new, a new smartwatch?

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