MEMOBIRD G2 Portable printer for $37.24

As a successor to the first mobile printer from MEMOBIRD, the G2 has become significantly rounder and even costs less than its predecessor. The perfect way to quickly print pictures and notes on the go?

Memobird G2 Mobile printer

The 10.8 x 8.0 x 7.0 cm small printer weighs only 360g and can be easily transported in the backpack. It weighs twice as much as its predecessor, but is nevertheless very light. The operation seems as simple as you already know from the predecessor: After registration in the app and detection of the device in this must be followed a few instructions and the printer is ready for use. The printer is charged by USB cable. Texts and pictures can only be printed in black and white.

Memobird G2 Mobile printer paper
Connected to the app to print the images

Of course, at the price of more than 30 €, you can almost buy large, well-functioning printers. This mobile printer is specifically designed for those who want or need to print notes, notes, or receipts. Practically it is certainly, a just made photo from the smartphone from quickly print out (albeit in black and white). A kind of polaroid in a bit slower. Something strange is that the white printer at GearBest costs significantly less than in other colors. A little idea of ​​the printer can be found in the video of GearBest:

I personally already found the first mobile printer from MEMOBIRD very interesting, great technical innovations are not directly recognizable. What do you think of the mobile printing device? Is a test worthwhile?

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