Electric Skateboard Landwheel L3-A for $369.99

This time we will introduce you to another member of the simple motorized locomotives, the Landwheel L3 – A Skateboard. Like the Xiaomi M365 Elektroroller and the COSWHEEL A-ONE, In the hope that the legal situation will change in the future, we want to tell you about such gadgets.

Landwheel L3-A Skateboard

Material Canadian mapleboard, fiberglass, aluminum, fireproof battery compartment
Wheel size 8,3cm hard rubber tires
Maximum speed 50km / h
Reach 15km
Braking system SECTION
Engine power 275W, 1100W (max)
Battery performance 115Wh
Pitch 16-20 °
Watertight IP54
Maximum load 120kg
Charger  EU Connector (42V, 2A)
Battery 3200mAh
Charging time 120 minutes
Size 94.5 x 23.5 x 12.4 cm
Weight 7.42 kg
Colour Gray-Orange

The Landwheel L3-A electric skateboard

The Landwheel L3-A, which measures 94.5 x 23.5 x 12.4 cm, is already in the Longboard category. This makes it less suitable for tricks, but for relaxed driving. The electric motor makes these journeys much easier and longer. With a battery charge you can reach a maximum of 15 kilometers, then the battery must be charged for 120 minutes become. Of course, the range depends on the weight of the driver; the heavier the shorter the path. But with a maximum load of 120 kilos most of us can easily climb up here and get started. The board is then controlled by a remote control. Push the regulator forward, gas, by button on the side then either forward or back. Retraction of the controller then decelerates logically.

Landwheel L3-A Electric Skateboard Remote Control
The remote control with extra safety loop

The Landwheel L3-A can reach a speed of up to 50km/h. There is no official road registration for this longboard. This means driving on private land is permitted, but on public roads is prohibited. Here everyone has to know for themselves whether he is willing to disregard. Especially in the road traffic it is dangerous without reasonable lighting and safety precautions. Although a brake is installed, but this brakes only the board and not the person standing on it.

Landwheel L3-A electric skateboard base
The bottom and the installed battery

To protect the motor, the longboard with IP54 is protected against water jets from all directions but not completely watertight. Driving through deeper puddles would certainly not be a good idea. One would rather take the landwheel L3-A, which weighs about 7 kilos, into the hand and carries it over the obstacles.

Landwheel L3-A Electric Skateboard Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery of the Landwheel L3-A electric skateboard

In addition to the Landwheel the battery and remote control as well as a charging station plus plug are included. To do this, use a gasket, two replacement wheels and a screwdriver set to change it. There are also USB cables and an English language guide.

In the video of GearBest you can see the delivery box and the easy commissioning of the Landwheel L3-A. From a price point of view, there are definitely more favorable models than this, but then there are usually the technical possibilities. Especially the maximum weight for such devices is often still on Asian standard.

Is the Landwheel L3-A a real alternative to the electric scooters, which we have already introduced to you or rather just something for skateboard fans?

You can buy Landwheel L3-A Skateboard for a low price at Gearbest.com

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