LG will lower the price of the LG V30 to compete with Note 8 and the new iPhone

Price LG V30

LG has been throwing phones blind these years. After getting a good sales figures with the LG G4, despite not reaching minimums, have ventured to throw new things instead of being more conservative.

Now, the launch of the LG V30 and the contract of manufacture of the new Google Pixel 2 XL, will be the new tricks to try to return to the channel of profits. That yes, LG seems to have changed the business vision as to its upcoming LG V30 and instead of offering the same has made a totally necessary change, lower the price of the next LG V30.

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The LG V30 should be cheaper, is the only way to sell

During the last years LG has been shitting day after day applying different techniques to try to attract customers to their products. In a first fight LG risked with a modular phone like the LG G5 that failed, due to many reasons.

And yes, after saying that they would continue with the modular approach they launched an LG G6 that had little or nothing to do with the modular system but offered a new display and features from last year’s high-end price this year, a new failure .

LG has learned, its LG V30 will be cheaper

Even the V series itself has undergone a transition, used to offer more than the competition (microSD slot, removable battery, robust and durable design, etc.), but everything has changed this year.

LG has learned that if you want to compete against the bigger rivals, in this case Galaxy Note 8 and the new iPhone, you have to lower the price. Yes, that seems to indicate the rumors in The Korea Herald that speak of the price of the LG V30.

It seems that the LG V30 would cost about 850 dollars in its version of 64 GB, about 712 euros to change and about 900 dollars in the version of 128 GB and although the Galaxy Note 8 costs more, this LG V30 still seems very expensive for that money where the Galaxy S8 can already be found for a price that is around 550 euros and with an equally powerful hardware.


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