Samsung will have its smartphone foldable in 2018

Samsung mobile phone

Today is not the first time we talk about the Samsung smartphone folding. We know the plans of the Korean company for some time and the truth is that a smartphone that doubles is something that all brands want to see in the market, manufactured by them first.

Samsung is a pioneer in the gestation of curved screens and this time wants to go further, its next innovation in the era of smartphones will be to launch a mobile with a screen that doubles and that is not within reach of all manufacturers. Samsung had plans to launch a phone that doubles late last year or early this year but plans, of course, had to be postponed for different reasons.

Samsung Folding Smartphone

Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, confirms that they want a smartphone folding in 2018

Samsung CEO DJ Koh has confirmed that they have plans to launch a smartphone with a screen that folds in their roadmap and are currently addressing technological obstacles to be able to market such devices. It should not be forgotten that folding screens are relatively easy to implement but in a smartphone that is folded it is necessary to make that the other hardware components can be doubled or that they are connected in both parts so that they do not be damaged with time to root of the folds, is not an easy task.

Samsung says it will launch this new smartphone as soon as it is ready and its goal is to do it next year. DJ Koh has commented on it in a press conference held three days ago in South Korea where he talked about the launch of Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy S, Note or new series?

That is the question of many people. It is the first time that Samsung has publicly mentioned launching a smartphone that doubles although it is unclear whether it will be a Note, a Galaxy S or a new X-series.

Seeing what Samsung has done during these years we discard the series Galaxy S , series in which innovations are not produced but safe bets. We can only think that it would be a new Note, which would be very risky or a new series called X or any letter although the X seems more correct.

The Samsung manager dedicated part of that same conference to express gratitude to fans of the series Note that despite the fiasco Galaxy Note 7 has managed to beat the record of reserves, about 650,000 units during the first few days. And yes, record reservations for a mobile phone that costs more than 1000 euros. Have we gone crazy?

Source | SamMobile


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