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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 looks fragile, has already broken one

Xiaomi My Mix 2 broken up

Yesterday was the day marked in the Xiaomi calendar to show the world its two new terminals. We finally got to know the expected Mi Mix 2, which is smaller, faster and better, and Mi Note 3, which is like the Mi 6 but with a 5.5 inch screen . Today is the day of Apple, in which it will announce its new iPhone in one of its classic keynote. Either because I wanted to shade her or just coincidentally, the issue is that the Chinese firm has rushed.

But today Xiaomi is also news. And is that the first Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 broken has already appeared in the network of networks. Despite its nice design and care, the first model sinned to be fragile. It seems that the second generation repeats that negative point. The Mi Mix 2 has a ceramic body with four curved sides, plus an aluminum alloy frame of the 7 series. Ceramic is the material that brings the feeling of fragility, as was the case with the previous Mi Mix.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: the first one already broken

The most common in high-end smartphones is to find bodies made of metal because they provide greater resistance against bumps and scratches. But this material also has its drawbacks. A good example that many will have experienced is that it can be overheated. It is one of the reasons why manufacturers choose to combine it with other materials, such as glass or ceramics. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Apart from giving the terminal a more elegant and premium design, the ceramic adds as a point of favor a better transmission of the signal. The bad thing is that it is a fairly fragile material, as demonstrated with the Mi Mix. Now, just one day after its presentation, the first Mi Mix 2 broken has already appeared . As Xiaomitoday collects , the media The Verge was doing a review of the new flagship of the Chinese firm.

Xiaomi My Mix 2 broken

Specifically, I recorded a video that dealt with the characteristics of the top of the terminal. By accident they fell, and a piece from the upper right corner fell off the smartphone. It is a clear example of the fragility of Mi Mix 2 against falls. And the warning that it is highly recommended to protect it with a holster. But it is so beautiful … If you also think it and you want it, you can  buy it at the best price with this exclusive discount. It will not be broken, but do not fall.

Do you think it is worth less resistance in exchange for an aesthetic like the one of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

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