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Facebook tests private profiles and Instant videos

Facebook Private Profiles

Facebook is constantly testing new features and even modifying the application interface. This is something normal, all of us who have the beta version of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have become accustomed to seeing something new every day, features that later reach users of the stable version.

Now, not all the new things that are tested on Facebook come to the final version and the two new features do have enough ballots to do so. These are new private profiles and instant videos or Instant Videos that have little to do with Instant Articles.

New Private Facebook Profiles

The new private profiles of Facebook

Facebook has created an extra, more hidden section that allows sharing things in privacy with our closest Facebook friends.

This new private profile of Facebook allows us to share things just like in our main profile but only with people closer, people that we will choose. Of course, as they comment in The Next Web at the moment the new private profiles do not work as such but are hidden in the APK of the latest beta of Facebook.

We also do not know if the people close to you will know that you are seeing a special profile of us or if you will see the publications as we set them and they will not know, that is something we are missing to see once the feature is revealed in the first beta. Facebook seems to want to give a more personal image to many of the users and is also working on a similar feature for Instagram which is called Favorite Friends.

The new Facebook instant videos

Videos with sound on Facebook

Facebook, in addition to the new private profile feature, also seems to be testing a feature called Instant Videos that will alleviate some of the data spend that the application does. What many people do not know is that Facebook videos can be downloaded.

It is not something new since it has long been possible for Facebook to preload videos through WiFi but this new feature would preload with the use of the wireless network some videos so that later, with the data connection, we will not spend megs of our rate that usually be more limited.

Remember that are news that have reached the beta and that they might not finally reach the final version if the big F considers that they do not reach a minimum while they are in beta phase but the first option seems very interesting for Facebook let it escape at first.

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