Motorola prepares a version of the Moto X4 with Android One

Android One is Google’s new hope. This version of the system is intended for those phones looking for an experience similar to that obtained with Nexus or Google Pixel. This week was the first phone with Android One. This is, as you have guessed, the Xiaomi Mi A1. The first smartphone of the Chinese brand to put aside MIUI.

And it seems that Xiaomi is not the only brand to join this version. It has been revealed that Motorola is already working on its new smartphone that will feature Android One. And we have already been able to know some details about this new device. All this thanks to the confirmation of Evan Blass on Twitter.

Moto X4 with Android One

It seems that this new smartphone is based on the Moto X4. An identical movement that Xiaomi has done with the Xiaomi Mi A1, which was based on the Mi 5x. So we expect a phone that is a version of Moto X4 but with Android One. That means that the user experience will be controlled by Google this time. And we have already known some more details about the device.

Thanks to the filtered images the device is expected to have a double camera. Exactly the same as the Moto X4 on which it is based. So everything indicates that the device will be identical to the previous Motorola phone, only that there will be a clear difference between the two. And that difference lies in the software with which they work. Because this new Motorola device works with Android One.

That Motorola also get on the car of Android One as it has already made Xiaomi is good news for Google. Brands rely on this version and see potential in it. So it is likely that in the coming weeks more brands will join this list. Although, this can also be somewhat problematic, since if they offer a similar experience to the Nexus, users will not buy a Nexus. They will bet before by Motorola or Xiaomi phones.


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