Oclean One is probably the fastest sonic toothbrush in the world

Brushing your teeth is one of the daily rituals of each. How to do this is however very different and should be adapted to your personal needs. Just as every human being has different teeth, toothbrushes should be “flexible” to their owners. At least this is the vision of the Oclean team. Your sonic toothbrush is the fastest in the world and still offers some more features.

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Electric toothbrushes are increasingly being replaced by those using the new sound technology. These should clean the teeth even more effectively and better. This technique is also used and further developed by Oclean. They use the fastest motor currently available, which delivers up to 50,000 vibrations per minute. Furthermore, the device can be connected to the smartphone and thus offers an optimal and effective cleaning of the teeth.

Oclean One: Chic sonic brush with many features

The optics does not differ from the usual devices, the equipment is however considerable. For example, a loudspeaker is installed in the lower end of the handpiece, which is played the day before with the app recorded voice memos with switching on the toothbrush in the morning. So you will be reminded immediately after getting up to the upcoming dates and birthdays.

In addition, the Oclean sound toothbrush is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard and can be cleaned under running water. It offers three cleaning modes, each with four intensity levels, so an individual adjustment to personal tooth hygiene is possible. With the corresponding app, existing plaster recommendations can be used or you can create your own  plaster plan according to the personal preferences.

Oclean One side

Oclean unboxing

Individual plastering plan adjustable

Even the arrangement of the bristles is intended to be an innovation. They are incorporated into the brush head in diamond form and should have a long life and very good cleaning results thanks to a special coating. To achieve this, the Oclean One offers a recharge time of up to 60 days – so it is a faithful companion on trips without much accessories.

The 2.600 mAh battery is fully charged within three and a half hours and is ready for use. This is done with the included small charging station. The only 155 gram heavy duty toothbrush is 25.6 centimeters long and available in the colors white, black and pink.


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