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Cubot is back with a new smartphone that immediately aroused our interest. The Cubot Magic is based on the design of the Honor Magic, but with a purchase price of about $89.99 in the beginner price segment. Of the hardware of the smartphone, of course, you can expect no performance miracle, in view of the low price, this phone is also well equipped. On board is a 5 inch HD display, a current Android 7.0 system, a 13 MP camera, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM.

Cubot Magic Price and Where to buy

Design and processing

The Cubot Magic shows at first sight that a high-quality looking smartphone does not necessarily have to be expensive. The front of the smartphone consists of rounded 2.5D glassand accommodates 3 soft-touch buttons as well as the front camera on the upper side in addition to the 5-inch display. The Huawei Honor Magic is without a doubt the model of this smartphone, but the borderless design of the template could not be copied. When switched off, the Cubot Magic actually looks as if there were no edges on the right and left around the display. If you switch on the device, however, a clearly visible, 4mm wide edge to the right and left as well as 1.6cm above and 1.9cm below is shown. Although the Cubot Magic is not one of the bezeless smartphones, the laterally strongly rounded glass was taken over. This gives the smartphone a special touch both optically and haptically. The frame of the smartphone as well as the complete plastic case. There are the power buttons and the volume controls, which have a good pressure point. The headset and micro USB port are located on the top of the smartphone. A notification LED is also available.

With a thickness of 9.6mm, the Cubot Magic is not particularly slim, but the other measures of 146mm in length and 71mm in width are pleasantly compact. With 164g, the smartphone has an average weight. The back of the mobile phone is detachable, which makes simultaneous use of the dual-sim function and memory expansion possible. Also the 2600 mAh battery of the smartphone can be changed. The back of the smartphone is as well as the front in dark black. This looks great, but it also has a great disadvantage: the back is made of very smooth plastic, which is not only prone to fingerprints, but also scratches. You should only use the Cubot Magic with the supplied protective cover or at least not stick the smartphone together with the key in your pocket. The successful optics is here either at the expense of mobility and durability.


The Cubot Magic features a 5-inch HD display with an HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels . This results in a pixel density of 294 pixels per inch , which ensures a sharp image. Full-HD resolution is not necessary on a 5 inch display anyway and in the price range not to be expected. It is a conventional IPS panel that provides good viewing angle stability and powerful colors. As far as the picture quality is concerned, the Cubot Magic can convince completely, despite its low price. The color representation is balanced and the display has a very high maximum brightness. In the open you can use the Cubot Magic still good, but in direct sunlight, the display, however, very much.

The manufacturer does not advertise on its website with specially tempered glass. In the Praxistest, the Cubot Magic shows itself here however sufficiently constantly and a scratch test with the screwdriver leaves no traces. The advantage of the touchscreen with up to 5 simultaneous touch points can also be mentioned as an advantage. Compared to older touchscreens, the Magic has a sufficiently precise and fast operation. A minimal input lag is available, but does not really interfere with the operation. The MiraVision option is also available as an extra feature. This makes it possible to adjust color temperature, saturation and contrasts to your own preferences. Otherwise, there is largely unnecessary gesture control. Smart Wake is not available.


The Cubot Magic works with a Mediaktek MTK6737 quad core processor with 4 × 1.3 GHz . This is supported by my Mali-T720 GPU . In addition, the smartphone is equipped with a 3 GB memory and 16 GB of internal memory . The performance of the processor is aimed at users who are primarily interested in the basic functions of a smartphone. Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube are easy to use and simple 3D games can be played on the smartphone. The processor is per se not for gaming, but simple 3D games can still be used without problems.

What benefits the user is, however, the large memory. With a rather slow CPU like the MT6737, with just one gigabyte of RAM fast the pace away and the smartphone is sluggish. This is not the case with Cubot Magic. One has a decent speed throughout. When opening apps and elaborate websites you have to do with the one or the other, but the speed remains constant for many apps at the same time. Concerning the memory speed of the installed modules, Cubot provides average values. With 140 MB / s in read and 50 MB / s in writing, the internal memory is not really fast, but also no real brake. The working memory has a normal speed for a low-budget mobile phone at 2.2GB/s.

With its entry-level quad-core processor and large memory, the Cubot Magic is not equipped for power users. As a smartphone novice or user, who is primarily interested in the basic functions, one gets however a good performance offered. The big RAM pays off especially with multitasking with several apps.

Android 7.0

The Cubot Magic is equipped with an untouched Android 7-floor system. The manufacturer deserves a big praise at this point, because he looks fortunately to load his smartphones with a confusing user interface. Instead, only the Google Guard can be found on the mobile phone. The Playstore allows the download of any apps and the German language is also available. Updates are installed comfortably over the Wifi network, whereby Cubot is a very good job and provides a good amount of time for software updates. The Android security patch is also up-to-date with the 5th August at the test time.

As far as the system is concerned, the Cubot Magic does not make any blunders. You get a liquid running Android 7 without scrap applets. Exemplary!


On the back is a dual camera setup consisting of a 13 megapixel camera and another 2 megapixel camera, In principle, one can expect nothing from dual cameras in the lower price range. And the same is true of the Cubot Magic. The second camera is simply a dummy and does not perform any function. If you cover it with the finger, you can still use all “dual camera functions”. For the “bokeh effect” simply a blurred circle is inserted by software and the 2-fold optical zoom is really only a digital zoom. Fortunately, the camera can convince with standard recordings. For a mobile phone with a selling price of only $89.99 you get a very good sharpness and color reproduction offered. Although the images are often slightly over-lightened, this effect is still better than the lack of sharpness, which one else in this price range has to tolerate.

The front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels. In order to improve the image quality in low light conditions, a front flash was also installed. Unfortunately, the quality of the selfs taken is not convincing. Whether in good light or in low light, there is a lack of sharpness. The application area is therefore limited to videotelephony.


The Cubot Magic is a dual-sim smartphone. Two Micro Sim cards can be used simultaneously in the mobile phone. In addition, there is a micro SD slot, with which the memory can be extended. Dual Sim and simultaneous memory expansion are possible and also the battery can be replaced easily ! All 2G and 3G frequencies required in Germany are supported and also LTEcan be used without restrictions. The reception strength is average and also in the basement I could still use 4G internet. In terms of conversation quality, the Cubot Magic does not have any blunders either. Your own voice is transmitted clearly, although the sound in its fullness does not reach the expensive high-end smartphones. The use of the hands-free function is also possible without noise.

There is also a 2.4 GHz WiFi module and Bluetooth 4.0. The reception strength in the Wifi network is also three rooms away from the router still fast enough and there is good 20 Mbps on the mobile phone. The same applies to the Bluetooth module, which maintains a stable connection with headphones over 10 meters. The internal loudspeaker gives a surprisingly good sound. At the highest volume, distortion occurs, but the sound is much more balanced at medium volume than expected on a beginner’s mobile phone. If you connect mid-range headphones to the Cubot Magic, you also get a good sound on the ears, so that the smartphone is suitable for listening to music on the go.

As sensors, Cubot incorporates a brightness sensor, an acceleration sensor and an approximation sensor. However, the smartphone does not have a compass or a gyroscope. Navigation via GPS works flawlessly and reliably, only in the pedestrian navigation one measures missing e-compass.


The Cubot Magic has an average battery size of 2600 mAh. Thanks to the power-saving processor and the small display with HD resolution, one day of use is still guaranteed. In the PC-Mark battery test, the Cubot Magic will last 6 hours under load. One hour Youtube video shows with half brightness consumes 18% battery. Throughout the day you can actively use the mobile phone for about 3 to 4 hours depending on how powerful the applications are. For a beginner smartphone this is definitely sufficient. The battery is charged via a standard 5V / 1A power plug. The charging process is quite long with 3.5 hours and you should charge the mobile phone best overnight.

Cubot Magic Price and Where to buy


The Cubot Magic delivers exactly what is known and loved by the Chinese manufacturer. A well thought-out device in the beginner's price range with solid basic equipment. Clear advantages of the smartphone are the handsome design, the clean Android system and the good camera. In particular, the large memory provides a consistently good speed with simple apps like Facebook and Whatsapp. The mobile phone is also good in terms of connectivity due to the possibility to use dual SIM with LTE and simultaneous memory expansion and also the recharge time is satisfactory. The only real disadvantage of the Cubot Magic is its back of smooth plastic. This is very vulnerable to scratches, which is why the mobile phone should be used with the included protective cover.
Very talented!

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