Xiaomi SCISHARE Capsule coffee machine

Really read. We actually present a coffee machine here. And yes, she comes from Xiaomi. Because we love a) coffee and b) find Xiaomi “all right”, we look at the good piece times closer. An alleged advantage: the machine should be compatible with the capsules of various manufacturers.

Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine

Device name Scishare
Housing material plastic
Capacity 580ml
Power 1200W
Pump pressure 19bar
Dimensions 340 x 100 x 260mm

Xiaomi has thus discovered another product segment for itself and is launching its own coffee machine on the market. The development took place as crowdfunding, and Xiaomi does not produce the devices themselves. The announcement came as far as surprisingly that Xiaomi is known for producing especially for the Chinese market. Now, however, the Chinese drink no coffee: While the German consumes about 7kg of green coffee a year, it is not 100g per person in China. However, the figures have been rising for years, and you may just want to see an opportunity in a growing market.

The design – A dream in white?

But to the actual product: The Scishare is a capsule coffee machine, which looks purely attractive on the outside. How to design beautiful products is easy with Xiaomi. The compartment for the capsules is located under a cover in metal optics, which is at the same time a lever and closure for the capsule insert. Behind it is the on/off switch and a lever for regulating the desired amount of water.

Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine

The “tray” on which the cup is placed can be installed at two different heights to reduce water splashes on smaller cups. While classic coffee or tea cups can still be accommodated comfortably, higher cups of more than approx. 8cm are no longer suitable. However, the small platform can also be omitted so that the maximum height for glasses or cups is 14 cm.

Coffee in Chinese is Kafei 咖啡

Looking at the manual, one or the other may be frightened: it is written exclusively in Chinese. This is annoying, for the use but hardly an obstacle, the operation is largely self-explanatory. What remains unclear, we try to answer in this article.

Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine capsules
A pack of capsules is included in the package.

How much water or coffee ultimately ends up in the cup determines the regulator on the top. The eight settings range from 15-85ml. If you want a larger cup of coffee, you can reach it through the ninth setting, which is marked with a raised hand and which is not explained correctly in the instructions. Here the desired quantity is set manually: As soon as the quantity appears correct, you move the lever back and the machine stops. In this way, the amount of water and thus the strength of the coffee can be individually determined.

At the same time, however, this is the mode in which you have to stand by the machine; you do not stop the process, they all consume water in the tank and overflow the cup.

The function is also suitable for “rinsing” before the first use (without inserted capsule). This is not explicitly recommended in the manual, but we did it anyway.

Xiaomi Scishare coffee machine
The operation of the machine is very simple.

The capsules are inserted into the machine at the top and pushed forward when the cover is closed. If the closure is opened again, the capsule used drops down into a collecting container into which dripping water flows from the cup tray. The container can then be pulled out of the machine at the front, emptied and cleaned easily. The only criticism of the implementation, if you want to find one, is that the collecting container has no handle and you have to take two or three times to pull it out. Apart from this little thing, the use and processing is faultless.

Point deduction but there for the power plug: This is again a Chinese variant, so you need an adapter here.

What capsule brands does the machine support?

From the manufacturer’s point of view, it says explicitly: “Compatible with multi-brand coffee capsules”. Compatible with capsules several manufacturers. This is, of course, somewhat vaguely formulated, and we have therefore decided to try out some brands. If there are not any special features for certain brands, we simply tell you about “works” and “does not work”.

Supplement: It can now be said that not all brands fit. Nespresso and most varieties, which resemble the capsule at least, usually work, but also not invariably, as we had to determine with the refillable capsule.

Capsules that fit into the machine:

  • Caffé Corsini (included in the package)
  • Nespresso ✓
  • Café Royal (Edeka) ✓

Unsuitable capsules:

  • Expressi (Aldi) ✗
  • Tchibo Cafissimo ✗


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