Galaxy Note 8 hits record reserves on its first day

galaxy note 8 record sales

Have you already booked your new Note 8? Many users have already done so, which is breaking records in reservations. So if you thought that Note 7 had reaped many reserves on its first day, the Galaxy Note 8 is eating it with potatoes, because it is being pre-ordered by many users. More than I imagined!

There is no doubt that when we talk about Note 8 we have before us a good device in all aspects. Not only do we have a high-end mobile with good features, good software and innovation, but you’ll be able to do everything you want.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera

Galaxy Note 8, booking records on your first day

But the great news and few users believed to see, is that this terminal has been reserved by many users during its first day. It seems that what happened with Note 7 has been completely forgotten, because more and more users are already reserving Note 8 to be among the first to have it.

 This is the most reserved device (on the first day) of the Samsung Note line

They are good news indeed, especially starting from a terminal with Note 7 under the shade. Although everything seems to indicate that users no longer remember this fateful episode of the South Korean, or simply, do not give importance. Because what happened in the past, in the past is. This has caused that Note 8 is being reserved non-stop by the users.

Last year it had been said that Note 7 was until that moment the device of the line Note with more pre-purchases. The figures spoke of 200,000 reservations (only in South Korea). And if we have that Note 8 is surpassing these numbers, it is amazing of course. We can not give you a concrete estimate because at the moment we do not have access to that data. The South Korean knows that it has been the one that has sold the most, but neither has unveiled the amount, something that we hope to know soon.

Remember that the release date of this Note 8 is fixed on September 14. Although eye, because if you make your pre-purchase of Note 8 right now you may receive it before.

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