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Facebook also wants to destroy Fever and Tinder

Facebook substitute Tinder

Facebook is not a social network anymore, that has been long ago. Facebook is the social network and in fact every time I remember the name of the movie comes to mind how successful they have been with the title.

Facebook eats it all and it seems that after destroying hundreds of companies has a new target, applications plans or appointments. I will go a bit deeper into the Facebook tour so you can see how the theme has been working.


Facebook could replace Tinder or Fever

Facebook was a social network where people made friendships and shared photos, texts and links. That has been left behind and a few years after his success around the planet Mark went to work on what he considered the future, the video.

After getting the videos worked very well on their platform took the next step, snapchat-style home videos plunging into misery to this American startup that saw their IPO was a complete failure.

Facebook also wants to be Fever

Now, it seems that his next plan, is to destroy the applications of appointments in the style Fever and even to the same Tinder. Many users have started receiving new plans through the Facebook application and the fact is that it makes a lot of sense but … is this new? Facebook suggests the plans and if you like you can make your friends join.

Using Facebook M in Spain 1

For nothing, if you start thinking about Facebook M will realize that this half human half robot wizard has been created to suggest things to people and if Facebook becomes the perfect app to share plans can companies pay money because they go to make plans for your business. What do you think about the idea? 

As it seems to me to be great, it is possible that at first many of the plans are suggested altruistically but the day that Facebook manages to dominate the applications Fever style, Tinder or even take the opportunities completely to applications like Gogotick that are taking off, you will see how they suggest plans that surely benefit a business … You know, the next goal of Facebook is dating.

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