Mini-Quadcopter Eachine E010 / JJRC H36 for $11.99

The Mini Quadrocopter Eachine E010 or the JJRC H36 are identical, small drones.

JJRC H36 / Eachine E010 Mini drone

Dimensions 95 x 95 x 50 mm
Weight 22g
Battery / endurance 150mAh / 5 minutes
Charging time  30-50 minutes

Originally, Banggood had announced that the E010 would have a voice control, which caused some excitement but nothing else could be read about. Instead, there is a remote control for this size , with which the usual flight maneuvers arepossible. The most striking characteristic is now the exterior of the small drone, which was found in the form only in the (much more expensive) Blade Inductrix.

eachine e010 led lights
LEDs provide the necessary “cool” effects


As much as it is externally in the colors green and red, the technical specifications are rather mediocre. The range is indicated with 30 meters, the maximum flight time with 5 minutes. After all, the battery is interchangeable. Interesting would be an experience report, how the drone flies and whether it can positively surprise thereby. Remote control, USB cable and user manual are included.

Buy Mini-Quadcopter Eachine E010 / JJRC H36 for $11.99

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