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How long does the battery of the OUKITEL K3 last when watching the Captain America movie?

Earlier we talked about the OUKITEL K3. The handset brand is presented as a powerful rival to devices like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium . And the OUKITEL phone has nothing to envy you in terms of design. But neither in terms of its specifications, since the phone is good enough. There is also one aspect in which he stands out enormously: his battery.

OUKITEL is an expert in creating phones with durable and durable batteries . And the OUKITEL K3 was not going to be an exception. To prove it they submit to the phone to a test of energy consumption. With the phone charged to 100% we are going to put the Captain America movie on the phone. How will the phone’s battery respond?  How much will it consume? You can see it in this video below.

How long is the battery of the OUKITEL K3?

To fully test the battery power of the device, we watch the movie in 1080p. In addition, for the test to really show us if the battery is resistant, we put the volume to the maximum and also raise the brightness to the maximum. In this way, the consumption of energy by the OUKITEL K3 while watching the film of Captain America is really high. A great challenge for the battery.

And how does the 6,000 mAh battery respond? Throughout various moments the percentage of remaining battery of the OUKITEL K3 has been checked . After a half hour of viewing the film has consumed a 3% battery. After an hour of seeing Captain America, we still have 94% remaining battery. After two hours, the battery is maintained at 87%. And a while later, after finishing the movie that lasts 2 hours and 16 minutes , we have 85% remaining battery . That is, the phone has only consumed 15% battery. After performing an activity that consumes as much energy as watching a movie.

In fact, from the brand claim that you can watch movies continuously in this OUKITEL K3 for 15 hours. Although, they recommend adjusting the volume and the brightness of the screen so that the energy expenditure is more efficient. Undoubtedly, we can see that the phone has gone over this test of energy consumption. And it makes clear the power of your battery.

If you are interested, the pre-sale of the phone still continues and you can carry this OUKITEL K3 for only 139.99 dollars.

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