ILIFE V8 vacuum robot with room measurement

At this year’s IFA (we were also part of the show) the Chinese suction robot manufacturer ILIFE was also represented. The stand as such did not make much appearance, but contained a novelty that could revive the highly competitive vacuum robot business: the new vacuum cleaner of the manufacturer is called ILIFE V8 and comes with intelligent planning of the cleaning procedures, space measurement and many other features, Does the competition have to be warm?

ILIFE V8 vacuum robot with room measurement

ILIFE had to retrofit. The Xiaomi suction robot, which has long guarded the household robot throne, falls almost weekly in the price, leaving ILIFE no choice but to retrofit. With the 32.0 x 32.0 x 8.0 cm and 2.7 kg V8, the manufacturer would like to provide a meaningful answer to the growing competition. However, we look at the technical data: After a charging time of 4-8 h, which is still very imprecisely stated, the ILIFE V8 is equipped for its working time of 2h. It comes without a medium brush or rubber roller on the underside. The suction force should be so strong that these elements are not needed. How strong, however, is not yet known. The operating level is 68 dB but also relatively noisy, which is also logical with a high suction force. The dust chamber with HEPA filter of the V8 is significantly larger this time compared to the last ILIFE A6 with a capacity of 0.75l.

ILIFE V8 vacuum robot with room measurement
On the IFA we visited in Berlin, we were also able to assess the state of ILIFE

What does the suction power of the ILIFE V8 promise?

What makes the ILIFE V8 a typical ILIFE model is the familiar charging station, which charges the battery of the suction robot. This starts and finds automatically back to the charging station when the battery loses. Also the included remote control is a typical feature of the Chinese manufacturer. The vacuum cleaner works with two brush heads, as is already known from the V5S Pro or A4 . The cleaning modes used by other models, such as Spot, Wall and MAX, will also be re-installed. The large LCD display on the top made of aluminum can be used to read the current cleaning mode or error messages.

ILIFE V8 vacuum robot with room measurement
The V8 comes next to the intelligent space measurement with the suction modes used by ILIFE

But now the main sales argument of the ILIFE V8: He  misses the premises before he starts to suck. ILIFE calls this “i-navigation”: the suction robot plans the smartest route through the four walls before he starts his service. If this works in practice reliably (from which it is quite possible, finally it is synonymous with Xiaomi ), that would be a very strong pro argument. No more chaos. A total of 10 groups of infrared bumper & gyroscope sensors (!) Can be found  in the small teat, which help to navigate it and prevent it from being hit against obstacles and falling down stairs.

ILIFE V8 vacuum robot with room measurement
Many different features make the V8 more competitive

Of course, the start time of the suction process can also be planned ahead and the vacuum cleaner can operate in the automatic mode. While you are on the road. Still, it is certainly a bit too early to make a steady forecast, purely from the technical data we have it but definitely to do with a very good suction robot . Without space measurement no higher-class suction robot should appear. ILIFE has recognized this trend and, with the V8, is likely to present an absolutely competitive model.

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