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POLAR SEAL: Stylish long sleeve shirts with heating elements

Even if we do not want to believe it, the winter is already back in the starting holes and the longest day of the year is again a while ago. The wet and cold days of summer remind us of autumn and the coldest season. Perhaps the winter sports holiday is already planned? For these people and those who are always cold anyway, we have found something interesting and present it to you now.

The onion look is a must in winter and on the cold autumn days for all frost bumps. With the innovative long-sleeved shirt from POLAR SEAL, the many layers are a thing of the past. It is equipped with two heatable zones on the back and should give a warm feeling for eight hours at the push of a button . It is suitable for all kinds of sports, even outside of winter.

POLAR SEAL – never freeze thanks to heated clothing

The material of the shirt is similar to the usual functional material of sportswear. The shirt is breathable and very light, so it is perfect for underwear for skiing. However, it is also suitable as the top or only layer, since it is also water-repellent and cuddly. The control elements on the sleeves are also waterproof, as well as shock-resistant – thus also suitable for rough sports.

The heatable, flexible elements are each worked in at the back and barely noticeable. Both have a rectangular shape, one of them is arranged vertically from the neck, the other is horizontal in the lumbar region. The heating elements can be controlled separately thanks to the buttons on the sleeve and have three heating stages. Beginning at 40 degrees Celsius it goes in five steps up to the maximum temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

Polar Seal 04

Including compartment for the Powerbank

With power, the heating unit is supplied by a commercial Powerbank, which finds space in the recessed zipper compartment at the kidneys and is also connected there via a small cable. If a 10,000 mAh battery is included, POLARSEAL promises eight hours of warmth at the highest level. If the shirt is also used without the heat function, so can find in the pocket also the wallet or smartphone.

Furthermore, the upper part is equipped with thumb holes , which guarantee a perfect fit without unintentional slipping. The POLAR SEAL shirt is available in both men’s and women’s styles, the latter with a figurative fit and in a pink color. The colors gray, black and blue are available for men. The shirt can be ordered on the side of the Kickstarterkampagne, the cost is around 120 Euro excluding the shipping costs to Germany. Below you can see the video for the campaign.

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