UMiDIGI BTS1 loudspeaker Review

UMiDIGI has convinced us in the past with inexpensive smartphones, the UMi hammer extreme test remains unforgettable. But this Chinese manufacturer also stretches its feelers and tries out new gadgets. Now it is to be also the highly competitive Bluetooth speaker market. Whether UMi can also implement good products in this segment, you will learn in this Review!Umi BTS speakers


The speaker came with us in a simple, black cardboard packaging. Both the box and the packaging have surrendered the shipment without damage. In addition to the box are included a micro-USB charging cable, an instruction manual in English and Chinese and a jack-to-jack cable (3.5 mm) for cable-bound use.

UMi BTS1 Accessories
Unfortunately, there is no USB socket adapter included

Processing and design

Hands on! The speaker is relatively heavy with about 400 grams for its dimensions of approx. 15.5 x 6 x 5.5 cm, whereby it feels however very high-quality. This high-quality feeling is underlined by the solid metal frame and the control buttons, which are also made of metal. However, we are still not sure why the gadget needs to be so hard.

UMi BTS-01 buttons
The buttons are neatly processed and provide good haptic feedback

On the back of the UMi BTS1 speaker are the micro-USB and the jack connection, also here everything was processed solid.

Umi BTS1 backside
At this point unfortunately plastic was installed, which does not influence the use however

The loudspeaker is available in the colors gold and silver/gray and surprisingly does not remind me of a model of a successful manufacturer in Europe. So UMi has thought about it and has put a nice, nice speaker on the market in my opinion – but as always a matter of taste🙂

Also in the living room the speaker does not have to hide


Although the UMi BTS1 has only 3 buttons marked with the characters for play / pause and volume / volume, all buttons are at least double-seated and the function changes depending on the length of the button. The following table provides an overview of the individual functions:

Button Pressed for a second  Pressed for 3 seconds Pressed for five seconds
Play / Pause Play / Pause Bluetooth On off
Volume up  next song volume up
Quieter Song back Quieter

UMi has equipped his loudspeaker with speech feedback, if the speaker is switched on, a female computer voice sounds, which reminds me a bit of my first navigation device, and says “Bluetooth Speaker is power on” and if an already paired Bluetooth device is available, immediately afterwards: “Bluetooth is connected”. The UMi BTS1 provides similar feedback when you switch it off, plug in the Aux cable or switch between Bluetooth and Aux. Fortunately the announcements are at least in English and not in Chinese. Nevertheless, I believe that it would have also sound signals and some announcements are too long formulated.

Sound quality

So now that we’ve talked extensively about design, processing, and operation, we finally come to the most important point: how does the part sound at all? For around 25 € the box is in the low-price segment. The two built-in 5 watt loudspeakers have their strengths clearly in the high frequency range and although UMi here with “stereo HiFi sound”, the speaker is rather a mono loudspeaker, because the two boxes – naturally due to the construction – directly next to each other.

In the low-frequency range one has to make cuts, in the relatively small housing can not develop a voluminous bass, very deep tones can sound slightly dull or are hardly audible from a certain frequency depth. However, the sound is clear, there is no background noise (neither by Bluetooth nor by jack).

In summary, you can say that the loudspeaker has neither surprised me greatly nor disappointed – it is good for the price, clean in the high frequency, no noise, but downside due to price, wattage and size naturally thinner than the home stereo system ,

Battery pack

The installed battery is 1050 mAh large and should according to the manufacturer, at 50% volume hold about 8 hours. In the office, unfortunately, we can not listen to quite loud music (at this point, nice greetings to the colleagues 😀) but the run times are approximately what the price class is already really good.

UMi BTS1 bottom
The battery is unfortunately permanently installed and not interchangeable


In order to listen to music while on the move, the UMiDIGI BTS1 is all the time and if you do not have too high demands on rich basses, the modern designed speaker can also easily be placed as a radio replacement in the home. It also scores with its design, solid workmanship and at an affordable price. Alternatively, we can recommend the Xiaomi Bluetooth Box – this is sound on the same, but is a bit cheaper.

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Last updated on February 21, 2020 7:49 am


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