CHOLLO: XIAOMI Mi BAND 2 for only $15.99

Within the Autumn offers of we find a great offer of the activity bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2 that can be bought from just $15.99 until the stock finishes, ideal gift for us or for this Christmas to remain as a Mr. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 already passed through our hands months ago in a review where we were able to check all its functionalities and we were able to prove that it is unbeatable in terms of quality / price. An activity bracelet that is number one in sales worldwide in this type of devices and also receives constant support from Xiaomi.

xiaomi my band 2 n02

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 includes a  0.42 inch OLED screen with a shockproof glass that also has a layer that reduces dirt stains and fingerprints when using it. This screen is deactivated if we are not looking at it thanks to a gravity sensor that detects when we turn the wrist to look at it, we also have a front button to interact. Xiaomi Mi Band 2  includes on the bottom cardiac sensor and an improved algorithm to count steps. We also have features like answering calls, text messages, up to seven types of reminders, sedentary notices and sleep control.

This quantizer bracelet has  Bluetooth 4.0 LE and IP67 certificate that qualifies it as water resistant. This model has a 70mAh battery that gives us a range of 20 days, the total weight of the device is 7 grams. To control the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 we have the application  Mi Fit 2.0 which synchronizes with our Android smartphone or iOS via Bluetooth and receives constant updates.

  • The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet can be bought on sale at from just $15.99 including shipping costs using coupon discount  miband97


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