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Blackview S8, a smartphone with 4 cameras without bezels

Blackview S8

Want to buy a different smartphone? There is no doubt that within this brand, Blackview S8 wants to break completely with what is established. We are facing a device that bets on a design almost without frames, without bevels, which is usually unusual in this company but have achieved and have launched the market. If you want to know everything about the new  Blackview S8, we start:

Blackview S8, features and specifications

There is no doubt that when we talk about the Blackview S8 we have a different device before us. We like it in all aspects, because its design is spectacular and especially beautiful, but it stands out for its characteristics and its innovation especially in the field of the cameras.

Blackview S8

If we talk about the specifications of the  Blackview S8 we have before us the new flagship of the company for this 2017. It is a device that stands out above all because it has no borders and have 4 cameras. We find two cameras in front and two cameras behind, so you can take photos and spectacular videos, as well as selfies that immortalise your best moments. You will not need a selfie stick!

As we appreciated in the picture above we find 4 cameras 13 + 13 MP and sensor from Sony, so we have security cameras to take spectacular pictures that have nothing to envy caps range of other brands.

We also especially highlight the screen with 5.7 inches HD. A ratio of 18: 9 and resolution of 720 x 1440. We like it to be a thin and compact smartphone, which have been manufactured with great delicacy to give way to a compact terminal at once interesting in all its senses.

Do you know what is best? That will have a low price

Well, nice and cheap sometimes it’s hard to believe. But everything seems to indicate that this  Blackview S8 will be a device that lands in this 2017 and has everything, even a low price given its flagship features.

Soon we will inform you of all the details, as well as their full benefits. Meanwhile, we leave you with the following video that you can not miss:

Blackview S8 on video

How about this Blackview S8 ? You like what you see?

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  1. This one would be out of date once it’s released. Lots of full screen phones are already
    available and some of them are very cheap. For example, vkworld Mix Plus is only
    $109.99 on Gearbest. And it has the similar specs.

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