OFFER: WD My Passport 2TB Hard Drive at Cheapest Price at Amazon

Among the offers back to school for Amazon we have enough interesting things to vary and among them are the external drive 2.5″ WD My Passport with a capacity 2TB minimum price. As always a very interesting accessory for its Giga / Euro quality ratio for storing data and multimedia files of all kinds that we can easily connect via USB to our mini PC with Android, Windows or other devices like consoles or Smart TV and where we will not have any difficulty in its use.

This model of WD My Passport 2TB Hard Drive has an external plastic case that is available in several colors where we find a LED of use and a USB 3.0 interface that we will use to connect it and feed it in unison and that guarantees a good speed to the time to transmit data. This hard drive also includes preinstalled software to make backups automatically and the ability to encrypt the saved data thanks to the security suite included for free.

  • The 2.5″ WD My Passport 2TB External Hard Drive can be purchased at Amazon for 76USD, price is minimum at the moment.


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