GearBest September Big Sale Information Summary

A large-scale sale will be held from September 6, 2017 at GearBest. The actual sale is from September 11th, but the preheat sale is also scheduled to start from the 6th. Since it is said that there are many products that put GearBest lowest price in the past few months, let’s check the sale information.

GearBest September Large Sale Contents

Here is the page of a large sale. After the official sale, an encore sale will also be held.

  • Preheating sale : September 6th at 11 o’clock (Sale where some items are cheaper than the official sale.It is a warm-up period before this sale starts, but the price itself is considerably cheaper recently as well as official sale That’s right)
  • Formal sale : September 11th at 10 o’clock (large-scale sale real production.The number of products targeted for sale is higher than preheated sale, and the price will be lower.)

Other specialization information page is also available. As there are free gifts and point get opportunities, those who are worried also check here.

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