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How is the Xiaomi Mi A1 different from the Mi 5x?

Xiaomi is undoubtedly one of the most prominent brands in the market. The Chinese brand has specialized in smartphones of the most complete, which have nothing to envy to others like Samsung. But, with prices that are usually much more accessible. And so has been placed among the most sold worldwide. Two of the phones of the brand that more prominence have grabbed these weeks are the Mi A1 and Mi 5x. The first one presented today.

The Xiaomi Mi 5x is the new king of the mid-range. A very interesting phone, whose analysis in depth you can read here. Today we have talked about the new Xiaomi Mi A1. A device that many see as a review of the Mi 5x. Is it certainly so? You can read about the Mi A1 here. And these comparisons make us wonder about the differences between the two models. How are the Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi 5x different?

Xiaomi Mi 5x

Differences Xiaomi Mi 5x and Mi A1

Both models have different aspects in common. Something that may make some people mistakenly think that they are identical phones. But, there are some differences of great importance to emphasize.

Android Stock

It is possibly the most important difference between the two Xiaomi phones. The new Xiaomi A1 is a remarkable change for the Chinese company. With this device they leave aside MIUI and bet on a model with Android Stock. It is certainly a movement that can open many doors to the company. And it also assumes that this device will have a pure Android experience. Google Apps will be installed as standard and there will be no more problems with ROMs.

Instead, the Xiaomi Mi 5x keeps MIUI , and it is possible to enjoy MIUI 9 and its split screen . Therefore, maintains a traditional aesthetic of Chinese brand phones. Something that does not present problems and works perfectly. The A1 Mi is pure Android with the camera application, the Xiaomi store and the modified infrared application. They also promise to upgrade to Android Oreo before the end of 2018 and will be one of the first to have Android P.

Bands supported for 3G and 4G

Another difference between both phones refers to the bands of the same. The Mi A1 is going to have a global edition. This edition includes support for all 4G bands, including the 800 MHz band. In fact, it is also expected to be sold with a European charger. So it is a step of the brand to enter the European market. And also shows the differences of this phone compared to others in the company. This is something that the Mi 5x does not count , and that puts it at some disadvantage in this regard. Something that is already common in other phones of the Chinese brand.

Xiaomi Mi 5x


Finally, we must not forget an essential detail. The price difference between both models. Today we have been able to reveal the official price of the Xiaomi Mi A1. This way we get an idea about this new Chinese brand phone. The official price is 195 euros, although it will change depending on the market.

The price of Xiaomi Mi 5x depends on the store and the version you are looking for. There are some versions of the device available for about 186 euros depending on the store. A slightly lower price. But, there are also other versions of this king of the mid-range for about 250 euros. The average price seems to be around 210 euros. Something higher than the official price of the Xiaomi Mi A1, although it is missing to see the price that the new phone will have in the markets in which it will not be launched officially as in Spain.

As you can see, Xiaomi has achieved two great phones like the Mi 5x and the Mi A1. Both are two devices with a lot of potential. Which one do you like best?

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