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Divoom AuraBox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with LED display for $39.74

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, the offer from China is now overwhelming. It is all the more difficult to find speakers that stand out from this crowd. This is exactly what Divoom is trying with its smart Bluetooth Speaker AuraBox. The dice-shaped loudspeaker comes with an LED display and an optimized app, which offers some interesting extras that we have tested.

Square, practical, good?

The Speaker of Divoom weighs 376g and measures 11 x 5 x 11 cm, as GearBest also indicates as information. This multi-function gadget has a square shape and thus deviates slightly from the other current speaker models. On the upper frame are the function buttons ON/OFF, Play/Pause, Volume +/- and Display. With the display key the different LED functions can be executed, which will be discussed later. The matt rubber surround is unfortunately relatively vulnerable to dust and dirt, but can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

Divoom AuraBox Android in hand
The AuraBox fits well into one hand and is therefore easy to transport.

The LED display is located on the front and houses 100 square LEDs. On the back is the five watt loudspeaker. In my opinion, the design for the sound of the speaker is not optimal, since the LED display is usually visible and the speaker plays against the wall. There is also a micro-USB and an AUX connection. The respective cables are also included in the delivery.

Divoom AuraBox connections

Without app goes almost nothing

The suitable app for the AuraBox is also called AuraBox. Since the gadget comes from the manufacturer Divoom, the app is also easily found on the App Store via the manufacturer and available for Android and iOS . The app is also necessary, if one wants to use the full range of functions of the AuraBox. After successfully connecting via Bluetooth, the installed app should start automatically and offers many possibilities.


The “Light” menu item provides eight preset modes, which are transmitted to the LED display. This includes, for example, a time and temperature display. It can be said that this is no reliance on the latter, since it shows me handsome 30 ° Celsius, which we definitely did not experience during the test. Furthermore, there is a full-screen LED display with free color selection, a visual equalizer for music, a party rock mode, rainbow mode and a firework display. This counts, for example, down from five and then shows many fast flickering LEDs to simulate a fireworks. In addition, there is a shake mode, with which the brightness of the display is adjustable in three steps.


This makes it possible to access the mobile music app in order to be able to play the tracks via the loudspeakers via the loudspeakers. Unfortunately, as I said, is only possible with the internal music app of the smartphone. Other players such as Spotify can not be used on the app. But you can then then completely normal externally Spotify app the speaker over Bluetooth to play.

Divoom AuraBox function buttons


The timer function allows to set an alarm and a sleep key. You can also choose the right sound for getting up. Either you can wake up to forest sounds, the sea noise or thunderstorms. For my feeling these are relatively pleasant, since they are not a classic alarm clock and one probably gently from sleep. But some also need the awful alarm clocks to get a foot out of bed at all. I miss the possibility of several alarm clocks to be able to put, since one can decide with the sleep function also only between tens steps.


The gallery offers various icons, icons, signs and flags, which can be displayed on the LED display. There are actually almost everything, the 8bit heart walks. Whether Pokeball, Android logo, beer Emoji or China flag. There are also animations available. If you want to give free rein to your creativity, you can go to the design menu.

Design / Animation

The design / animation areas are two separate areas, but identical in their function. Under design can be a black LED screen, which one with colored LEDs can occupy as one would like. The “image” can then be transferred to the AuraBox. From several such pictures you can create an animation, which can consist of a maximum of 8 consecutive images. For this, the play speed can be determined and you can also save the finished artworks in the gallery.


A really interesting feature of the AuraBox is the possibility to have mobile phone notifications displayed on the LED display. The supported apps leave little to be desired: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Skype are for example. But also the China essential WeChat is on board, just like the smartphone internal news & phone app. This worked well during our test. However, the icons are not necessarily recognizable by the low resolution.

As an example here is a Whats app notification.

Where is the bass?

Besides the rather generous functionality of the LED display, the AuraBox is also a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. The volume of the speaker I feel as quite sufficient, to his bedroom. The strengths of the speaker probably definitely in the range of the mids and also the highs sound so far in order. However, the five watt loudspeaker is clearly lacking in bass. Only at maximum volume comes something deep, which was personally enough for me. Fairly, one has to say that the AuraBox is not just Bluetooth speakers, but especially through the many functions to score white.


As mentioned above, the AuraBox really offers a lot more than the average Bluetooth speaker. The multifunctional gadget is ideal for anyone who wants a bit of everything. Despite the lack of bass, you can listen to pleasant music over the box. By specifying the time, the box makes itself very good in a children’s room or on the night table. Especially when you look at the light retro 8bit look, you can get your money and can personalize the box creatively. The app I felt as successful, since it came to no crashes and it is very clearly designed. How the battery will hold, we will test in the coming days.

Overall, really a cool gadget that justifies its price. If the loudspeaker would be even more present in the depths and the housing would not be quite so vulnerable to dust and dirt, the AuraBox would have done for me all around.

Buy Divoom AuraBox Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with LED display for $39.74

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