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Nokia will update all its phones to Android Oreo, even the Nokia 3

Nokia is being one of the great protagonists of the year. The company has confirmed its return to the big presenting multitude of devices. Among them is its new flagship, the Nokia 8, whose price has already been revealed. The firm has mostly launched mid- range and low-end phones, with the exception of the aforementioned Nokia 8. A doubt that many users had referred to updates.

A few months ago it was commented that several models were going to be able to update to Android Oreo. And the company promised to offer updates. But, not everyone was totally sure that this would happen. This same weekend has been Juho Sarvikas, the Product Director, who has confirmed which phones will upgrade to Android Oreo.

Nokia phones that will upgrade to Android Oreo

Google confirmed after the launch of Oreo that Nokia was going to start upgrading its devices to the latest version of the operating system soon. But, no dates or models were mentioned that would have such an update. And this is something that started to arise a multitude of speculations in the networks. The main doubt refers to the Nokia 3. Many assumed that being a low-end phone and having a different processor would not be updated.

Juho wanted to clear all the doubts through Twitter. It has confirmed that all Nokia phones this year will upgrade to Android Oreo. Everybody! So also a low-end device like the Nokia 3 will have the update to the latest version of the operating system. No doubt this confirmation will reassure many users and will stop the rumors.

At the moment, what has not been commented yet are the dates. Juho himself commented on Twitter that he was not going to say anything about it. Mainly not to have problems. Although it may be because the exact dates are not known at the moment. But, the important thing is that all new Nokia phones are going to have update to Android Oreo . Now it is only a matter of waiting to know the date in which it will occur. What do you think of this confirmation?

Source | Phone Arena

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